Does anyone know when Tinkerbell flies around the castle? I was expecting her to do it at the beginning of Wishes but she never appeared. Does she do it randomly or during specific times or shows?


Tinkerbell only flies if it is safe for her to fly…If there are high winds…she won’t…or if she is “under the weather” she won’t…


My husband learned on a tour that there are actually two flying tinkerbells. The tour guide said they share the duty and only work for about 3 hours (between makeup, costume, and performance), but get paid a five hour day. I know this doesn’t answer your question, but I thought it was interesting.


Sorry…it’s get paid for a 8 hour day…not a 5 hour.


Found this…

Tinker Bell’s nightly “flight” from the Castle down toward Tomorrowland to kick off the evening’s fireworks display. Tinker Bell flies 750 feet, averaging 15 miles per hour. It takes approximately 34 seconds for the trip.


Would you believe that I’ve actually never seen Tink fly?! I always hear about it, but every time I’m there, she never flies.

(So that should serve as a warning to everyone. Obviously, I’m jinxed. Don’t go to WDW when I go.)


Awwww Kip…that’s soo sad :crying:

Thanks for the warning though! :wink:





The last time I saw her was 1996 and I missed her last year. I wanted my daughters to see her fly but she was no where in sight. :sad:





She’s lit up now and doesn’t open the fireworks now with Wishes like she did with the previous fireworks show. She still flies from the castle to the top of what is now the Tomorrowland Noodle Terrace (formerly the Plaza), but it’s a few minutes into the show. If you stand on the side of the hub by Tomorrowland, you’ll see her. But as R2G said: she goes by pretty fast. you have to look quickly!


tinkerbell usually flies over the castle right before the fireworks go off. it’s like as if she is the one that sets of the fireworks. so, when wishes start, just keep your eyes peeled over the castle and patiently wait for her flight. she goes by really quick so you have to pay attention throughout the first few minutes of the show or you’ll miss her.


Yeah, what ddoll said!

If youy are looking for Tink at the very beginning of Wishes, you won’t see her… she’s a good three or four minutes into the show, but she is really, really bright. We could see her even from the left side of the Main Street Train Station!


I bet you guys see the pink elephants on parade, too.


Everything ddoll said and , it is VERY VERY quick. Look fast! :mickey:


:crying: undefinedundefinedundefined I KNOW ONLY ONE NO MORE NO LESS TINK IS TINK AND THATS IT


ddoll and MissDis are right, she flies a few minutes into the show. But you should be able to know when she’s about to fly. Jiminy kinda introduces her…he doesn’t actually say “Here’s Tink,” but he alludes to her and there’s a big dramatic rise in the music as she takes off… And you can totally tell when she starts her flight because you can hear the crowd go “ooooooh” and “ahhhhhh” all together. :biggrin: