Tinker's first TR & it was a bit of a doozy!


Hi all! I back and just want to quickly check in.

Here are the highlights…

It was hot and humid with BAD thunderstorms.
My brother in-law was hospitalized overnight-nothing too serious.
LOVED the filet and risotto at Le Cellier!!!
It seems Disney is cutting back on certain things.
And I had MOLD :blow: in my bathroom at POR :angry:
But all things considered it was a pretty good trip :happy:

More later tonight or in the morning



Glad you got LeCellier and I love that meal, too! Yikes about some of the other stuff.


I’m looking forward to your TR :slight_smile:


glad you trip was good sorry about your Brother in law. now im really worried about staying a por


Ut Oh! I’m interested to read more, don’t leave us hanging…


Thursday- no hoppers or DDP yet.
So we arrived & checked in (regular) it was a breeze-FYI 10 min. check in was packed!
We went to our room and freshened up before we went into town for a bite to eat.
As we walked in to the restaurant we could hear the thunder from a distance, so we thought it may just pass by. AHH NOPE! As we walked out of dinner the skies opened up and the thunder and lightening started it was a monsoon, it was so bad we lost power in town :pinch:.
We went back to POR and laid down for a bit.
Later on we went to DD, it was sprinkling still with thunder rumbling in the distance. We went to Gooffy’s candy store, a must for us. Shopped for awhile them went back for the night.

Friday- no hoppers or DDP yet. But some of our relatives arrived :happy:
They were 2 doors down-very convenient.

We went to The Maya Grill for a breakfast buffet, just the 3 of us (tradition-I know it’s not the best) and to our surprise they no longer have a buffet :angry::angry:. A CM said they took it away about 3 months ago, she said most people miss it. Cut backs she said :frown:
We hung around the pool for most of the afternoon.
Had lunch at the resort. My DH and I had the turkey dinner, it was really good! It’s fairly new, I hope they keep it.
We went back to the hotel took showers (that’s when I realized the mold) gathered the family and went back to DD. We all ate at Earl of Sandwich…MMMMMMM. I got the chicken caesar wrap delish! Went to Harley Davidson-has that always been there? Bought a bunch of things.
Went back to the room for the night. Oh ya it thunder stormed in between all that again :pinch:

More later off to bed :heart:


Off to bed??? I need more trip report!!!:laugh:


Nooooooooo don’t stop now!!! But I guess if you must sweet dreams of Disney!!!


Boooooooooo for POR!!! Did you read my TR!! Same issues. BAD!! :nonono2:


I’m so sorry that there seem to be problems with POR. We were there in December, and it was fine. We’re booked there for our upcoming August trip, so I hope our room isn’t yucky.:ohmy:


heck of an intro. Can’t wait to hear the whole thing. That’s the second gross incident at POR…hope it’s (grossness) is not at POFQ.


I’d switch if you can. I think it will bounce back, but for now they don’t seem to be putting a lot of attention into it. It’s sad, because the grounds are beautiful. Second option, at check in, ask for a newly refurbed room. And INSPECT before you settle in, this way you can be moved ASAP!


We went to The Maya Grill for a breakfast buffet, just the 3 of us (tradition-I know it’s not the best) and to our surprise they no longer have a buffet :angry::angry:. A CM said they took it away about 3 months ago, she said most people miss it. Cut backs she said :frown:[/QUOTE]

Wait, isn’t Maya Grill at CSR? I did hear they discontinued the buffet, but I heard it was because it wasn’t being utilized, that most people leave the resort for breakfast and headed to the parks. This way with ala carte there isn’t as much waste on the food. We’ve eaten here when it was a buffet and always enjoyed it. The Pepper Market has similar items, just not all you can eat!


Quite the start to your trip! I’m crossing my fingers we don’t get too many thunderstorms while we’re down therr.


Saturday: we now have hoppers, DDP and the rest of 27 family members have arrived!!!

Woke up early had breakfast at the resort, just snacks, bagels and such.
Went to the pool AGAIN, my DD-9 loves it.:rolleyes:
Went back to room took showers, and thought we were going to Epcot for the afternoon.
My nieces and nephews (there is 6 of them, ranging from 5 mo.-20 years old) came knocking on our door saying their dad was in FL hospital…he passed out during It’s a Bug’s Life!!! Something with the medicine he’s on and the 3-D and the heat all rolled together really didn’t agree with him. They kept over night for observations, he was fine after he was hydrated. But we had all the kids during that span, a bit challenging but my husband and I made sure the kids didn’t skip a beat!
That night we had ressies for LeCellier, we decide after all the drama (my sister in-law was back form the hospital, the kids mom) to head over to Epcot, about 4:30. My DH, my nephew and I all road the segways, and hung around tomorrow land.
We started to head towards LeCellier when AGAIN the thunder started, we made it as far as the bathrooms on the right, just before the stand that sells Mojito’s!! It was raining so hard someone said the pathways had at least 6 inches of water in the low laying areas. We stayed under the overhang/bathrooms for about an hour & 45min. It finally slowed down and we made our way over to LeCellier.
I got the prime rib, it was OK, not the best I had ever eaten. My Husband got the filet and mushroom risotto, OMG, it was so yummy.
Our server was very funny, and right on top of things for the most part, don’t forget we had 10 in our party.
For dessert, I had the choc. mouse, and DH had the creme brulee both good. They decorated the plate with chocolate, put a candle on the top and wrote congratulations on the plates for our anniversary.
It was still raining as we left the park after dinner, 10:00pm, but we really made the best of it! We splashed around in all the puddles, spalshing each other and had a blast :laugh::laugh:
So all in all that day no real time in the parks :sad:

Sunday: The whole family 27 of us, meet at POR for a CS breakfast!
My brother in-law was being discharged from the hospital, so we had the kids for the morning/afternoon.
It was nice, we all sat in Boatrights Hall.
After that we all met at MK. We all kind of went our separate way in groups. We started at It’s a Small World and did all the rides in that area. Then the Thunder, lightning and rain started again. We all ran into a small CS place to eat. I can’t remember the name…it had Captain in the name, they served salads and chicken fingers, the usual food. I had a BLT salad w/ chicken.
We waited again for the rain to let up, it seemed like forever!!!
The adults went on Space Mountain.
We had ressies at 1900 Park Fare we took our niece with us, what a blast! It was our first time, we will be going back!
We went back to MK by boat, we missed the first parade but made it in time for Nightastic Fireworks. They had “technical difficulties” and had to stop the show for about 15 min.:angry:. The show finished up, it was good. Then we thought the parade was going to start shortly after BUT that was having issues too. It finally started it was really nice, actually I loved it :wub:
We made our way back to the room for the night.

I’ll be back, have laundry to do…


Loving the TR so far! Can’t wait to hear the rest! So sorry about the hospital thing though…that must have been kind of scary.


Sorry to threadjack for just a mo, but we’re there too Aug/Sept and this is really starting to worry us:crying:


Loving the TR too thank you and looking forward to reading more.


Don’t talk about Le Cellier! I’m not strong enough!! :laugh: I need to eat there right now!! And I’m amazed you got ressies for 10 people! We try every year for 12 and they always tells us they’ll split us up, and they can’t guarantee we’ll even be close! lol.


Ut oh! CM no-no. She broke the magic! Cut-backs and things of that nature are never supposed to be mentioned! :happy: