Tinkers not so nice CBR TR!


I will NEVER return to The Caribbean Beach Club as long as I live :fork_off:!!!
You know it’s bad when when they give you 3 free nights on your next trip!

I"ll start from the beginning…Day 1
Our plan landed at 2:15ish we arrived at the resort around 3:30. Check in was very smooth and quick.
Grabbed a quick bite to eat at the food court. Then headed to our room.
We loved the pirate room, very cool.
We went to the bathroom, to look at the ship in the shower, and was shocked to see a huge clump of hair stuck to the side of the shower:blow: I called housekeeping, explained the hairy situation, they arrived quickly. She was in the bathroom for about 5 minutes, and apologized on her way out. We went back in to take a picture of the ship and THE HAIR WAS STILL ON THE SIDE OF THE SHOWER!! What the heck did she clean?! I just sucked it up and cleaned it myself.
We had dinner ressies at 7:20 at Narcoossee’s. We needed our luggage for our “nicer” clothes.
Well it’s about 6:30 (been at the resort for about 3 hours) and still no luggage. I called Bell service and they said about, a half hour (bringing us to 7:00pm) and our luggage would arrive to our room. So I called and moved back our ressie to 8:20 no problem. Another hour passes and still nothing (8:00pm). I call again, and they said they we’re very busy it would be about another hour to hour and half (9:30pm :angry:), BUT our luggage had been sitting there since 6:00 they just didn’t have time to deliver it to the room. WHAT?! By this time I was at the end of my rope! My husband went to get our luggage and he said it was dead up by the service.
We changed quickly had headed to dinner…
Dinner was wonderful. I had the Maine lobster, delish. Dessert, I had the duo of creme brulee, also delish. My husband had the filet, he loved it.
We headed back to our room after dinner it was very late.

Day 2: Epcot
We did all of usual favorites. Oh and Kim Possible for the first time, very fun!
The flowers and greenery were amazing for the Flower Expo.
We ate at Via Napoli. My husband and I both had chicken parm. It was good, though it came with a side of potatoes. I added a side of pasta. My DD-9 had pizza, that was really yummy. Next time we will defiantly get the pizza for dinner.
It started to rain so we headed back to the room.
That morning, I had ironed and neatly placed our clothes on the ironing board for the following morning. When we walked into the room I noticed the ironing board was gone and the clothes were thrown up on the self in the bathroom area. I couldn’t believe it. THe room had barley been cleaned, beds made, new towels and soaps, that’s it. I once again called housekeeping, and asked for an ironing board. By this time I was wondering if I was going crazy or just hormonal-I’m 6 months pregnant. I had never been so disappointed at Disney before :crying: a gentleman arrived with an ironing board in about 15 minutes.

Day 3: Animal Kingdom
Had breakfast at Boma-YUMMY!
Headed over to AK for the day. It was a wonderful day :happy: we were asked to be in the parade!!! How exciting…It was by far the highlight of our trip!
We got to see the new baby gorilla, they just amaze me. We talked with one of the keepers, he was very informative, I could have talked with him all day about the gorillas.
It was about dinner time so we headed out of the park, I was very tired and sore from all the walking.

We went to our room I noticed the coffee pot canter sitting on our bed??? and a new one in the coffee maker?? By this time I thought for sure I was being punked!!! What the heck is this housekeepers deal? I just put it on the self and laughed at that point.

more in the morning…night!


Wow that sounds horrible! I’m sorry to hear about the mousekeeping at CBR. I hope the rest of your trip was great.


oh boy well the park part sounds wonderful so far but I think I would be just about ballistic over the room by now.



That’s all I can think to say.



Why would anyone take the ironing board? I thought they were standard in the rooms, not a “request one from housekeeping” item. That is so weird.


Wow. That is very odd with what you had to go through with Mousekeeping.


I thought the same thing. :wacko:

Day 4: up early thanks to housekeeping letting the door slam in the next room every time she walked in and out…we are early risers at home so we like to take advantage of the MH at night and sleep late the next morning. Not this trip!
Went to the food court for breakfast.

We headed out to Downtown. Our DD-9 birthday is coming soon, so we surprised her with RideMakerz! It was awesome. A bit expensive, but she had so much fun picking everything out and assembling it I didn’t mind.
It was a bit cloudy in the morning so we just strolled along going in and out of all the shops.
We hit Earl of Sandwich for lunch. By this time the clouds had disappeared the weather was wonderful. Sunny and lower 70’s.
We went back to the resort to change and hit the pool for a few.
No drama with housekeeping this time–THANK GOD! Everything in the room was fine!
DD loved the water slide at the main pool.
We were going to 1900 at GF for dinner so we showered and headed out!

Dinner was great the characters were hysterical like always.
We took the ferry over to the MK just in time for the parade. We watched for a bit then did a few rides. The park was pretty empty, most wait times were no more than 20 minutes.
It was about 1:30 by the time we got back to our room. It was a great day!

Day 5: Hollywood Studio’s…Magic hours
It was another cloudy dreary start to the day. We had plans to go to the pool in the am, and do a load of laundry, but scratched that. We went and had breakfast at the food court. As was refilling my new mug I looked over and saw this woman filling up Poland Spring bottles with lemonade :eek: :eek: I gave her a nasty look and walked away. I wasn’t up for any drama, so I minded my own business.
We explored the resort a bit, and took a bunch of pictures. It really is a pretty resort.
By about noon time the sun was out again and another beautiful day. We went to a quiet pool…the water was chilllllly. I did a load of laundry while DD swam for a bit.
We showered and headed to HS. DD was dying to do Toy Story. It was only about a 40 minute wait. She loved it.
It was a cold night, even with pants and long sleeves. We got coffee/hot chocolate and kept going! We did the Man Behind the Magic (I think that was the name???) It was all about Walt’s life. We LOVED it, we could have watched it over and over. We did a few more attractions and went back, the park was only open till 10:00

Day 6: Check-out day :frown:
We woke up about 7:30am and started to pack up the room. We all showered, it was about 8:30 and I heard a knock on the door. It was our wonderful housekeeper! I opened the door and she mumbled something under her breathe. I said “we are checking out in about an hour” her response well I hope so :blink::ohmy: EXSUSE ME! Now take a mental picture of her…a really bad wig, on crooked with a winter hat on top. I swear she was drunk. I just shut the door and told DH & DD to get a move on!!! Now I think we tip Mousekeeping pretty good $5.00 a day, and I pick up the room before we leave every morning. What was this woman’s deal? My patients were gone by the is time, I just wanted to leave ASAP.
We went to the food court for a quick breakfast and head to airport check in. By this time it was about 10:30, our plane was taking off at 2:15. I thought we had plenty of time. The woman in front of us had no idea what she was doing. SHe was arguing with the CM behind the counter that her boarding passes were wrong. I was really trying not to be b*tchy and just be calm. 45 minutes later she they resolved what ever problem she had. Great, we were up next! We hand the CM our info and he get’s this look on his face. UMMMM I know you were in line for a long time, but I can’t check you in threw Southwest, you’re 2 minutes over your 3 hour window for check in. You’re going to have to bring your luggage to the airport yourself. I LOST IT!!!
My normally very calm DH also lost his cool too. We grabbed our bags and stomped over to check-in. I saw a man behind the counter in a blue suit and stormed over to him. My blood pressure had sky rocketed, he just looked at me and knew this wasn’t going be good. I’m not normally a yeller, in public, but that was out the window. I was screaming at him, most likely so erratically he couldn’t understand a word :whistling. I had to walk away for a minute I was so furious. I walked back over, calmer, and explain the entire experience we had with this resort. But when I started from the beginning it just made me more mad, so my DH took over.
Well…short story long, we had one night of our trip reimbursed to our credit card, and 2 free nights at any moderate for an upcoming trip.

Believe it or not it wasn’t a horrible trip. I just will never return to CBR. It was our 6th trip to WDW and the only time I was ever really disappointed. I know everything can’t be perfect, but this was just too much.


Other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, How was the play?

I’m glad you didn’t let the negatives out shine the good times.


Did you still have to bring your bags to the airport yourself? That stuff really makes me upset. You follow the rules, do everything nice and get punished.

Our last trip, we stayed at BLT and the sofa was in bad shape. You could sit on it fine. But the seams of the cushions were shredded and ripped and it looked really bad. Certainly not a room someone would pay 300 or so bucks for to stay in. I complained everyday for 5 days at the front desk…I took pictures to show them. On the fourth day I got a voice mail on my cell asking if I was happy with the outcome of the situation. We get back to the room and nothing was done. I was ready to dragged the cushions down to the lobby. On the last day, about an hour before we were due to leave, I spoke to the managers of BLT and Contemporary…turned out they got the original message and told whomever to take care of it. One was off for several days…They both thought it was taken care off. We were offered breakfast but we had already eaten. We were told next trip we are there, they will flag our room and make sure it has a VIP cleaning. So what does that mean…everybody else just get towels thrown it and called it a day??? I wrote to MS when we got home and as you can tell, I’m still steamed about it. It isn’t the sofa anymore, but being ignored. (plus the fact we put a boatload of money into having DVC and it looks like that after a year)

Sorry to rant during your TR.


I didn’t keep track of your meals, did you do a dining plan? What are your thoughts on it?


That’s too bad that you had so many problems on your trip.
Hopefully you’ll have a better time next time.


Oh my goodness, that’s such a horror story! I’m so glad you got three free days, though. (You’re right - three free days means Disney KNOWS it’s REALLY bad!!!)

I’m glad you still had a fun time at Disney! I would love to see pictures! :happy:


Yes, please post pictures!!


I enjoyed the parks and eating part of your TR thank you- but I was so sorry to hear of your awful experience at CBR- and with the check in for the airport. I know that feeling of absolutely the last straw and that sounds as though that certainly was the last straw for you. I am glad they have recompensed you a little, however, I am sure you’d want to know that Housekeeping has been made aware of these issues.
We had a similar experience one year at POR and sadly upon return we found not much improvement on the Housekeeping side. I now buy my own cleaning items on the first day and do the room myself as complaining to Disney is usually like talking to a brick wall.
Thanks for the TR though- really enjoyed the good parts.


Oh my gosh, that’s awful! CBR is one of my faves but I’d feel the same way if I’d had an experience like yours! I had a very similar one at POR (back when it was Dixie Landings) and didn’t return for a long time, and was still terribly unimpressed upon trying it again. I hope you do take them up on the 2 free nights at another mod for your next trip. Anything would be better! I’m glad you at least had a fun time in the parks and such.


We did do the dinning plan. We have for the last 5 years, and this year it was free :happy: I love it. I know with the price increase Im not saving a boat load of money. But I like knowing it’s paid for and it just seems easier. Leave a tip pay for my DH beers and done.

Thanks everyone for letting rant on my TR…
I guess my high expectations and rosy out look of WDW may have been why I was soooo upset.
I know our experience isn’t the norm, and would have no issues dropping thousands of dollars on another magical vacation.

I will try to post some pics this afternoon.


Hey just got done reading your TR and I was upset with you. I have had a few bad experiences in my over 20 now trips to WDW and was “compensated” once but that still doesn’t make up for the bad experience one bit. It just goes to show you that even Disney can have a bad day or week for that matter.


Too bad you had such a bad experience at CBR. I’m glad you got compensated for it, and that you had a good time otherwise. I’m also really glad you’re an experienced Disney goer, so you know it’s not always like this. It would have been terrible for a first timer! They may never want to go back!


As an FYI to fellow MBers; My niece stayed at SSR on my points for a weekend. She told me it smelled of cigarette smoke, but they got in so late, they didn’t call the desk.

I called about it and they refunded my account for 1/2 the points.


Wow! I’m glad the majority of your trip was fun! How frustrating!

It’s been our experience that there is no company more adept at passing blame and UNresolving issues than Disney! In all our years we haven’t had many complaints - usually things are great - but on the two times we did have legitimate complaints - it got to be almost a joke - never a straight answer, always passed on to another dept., no one taking responsibility. It’s like they hope you’ll give up and drop it.

I would have lost it too - especially about the luggage! And just let anyone try and take my ironing board!!:angry: Why DID she take the ironing board?:confused: