Tip of the Day: Hey CJ... this pin really IS rare!


Everybody… there really is a pin out there that is incredibly hard to find… I know, because I devoted a LOT of time and energy trying to find it. We spent an entire week looking for it at WDW, and then months on eBay… I was a freak, looking for this!
So, if you ever find one, GET IT! You will be glad to have it – it is the “Whimsical Giraffe,” which was part of an AK set. Included in the set were a rhino, a lion and an elephant. There also is a larger pin that matches and says Disney’s Animal Kingdom. All the other pins in the set are easily available on lanyards at WDW, as well as on eBay. It is the giraffe that will elude you!!!
Here is a link so you can see the giraffe pin and all the others that were part of a big pin celebration at AK. – happy hunting!!!


So did you find it?


maybe its just people didnt know how to list the pin on ebay, or called it something you didnt look up? you’re probably right tho. so did you find it? good luck with it if you havent.


Thanks for the tip MizDiz!! I LOVE knowing of rare pins to look for…makes pin trading that much more exciting!


wow…thanks for the tip…I want to go searching now!!!


I have that pin! It is one of my favorites! I got in when we were at WDW in 9-2001. Always glad to hear that I have a rare pin.
We did some of our best pin trading over spring break. We bought pins on ebay as cheap as possible to have pins to trade. One of my new favorites is a rectangular pin that says HOME SWEET HOME and the two o’s have mickey ears on them. I just love it!


I DID find it, thanks to a really kind eBay trader someplace in California… thanks for asking! It is a very beloved trinket at our house!

Magical, DO NOT SELL THAT PIN! You may never see it again!

Isn’t this fun??? Magical and I have the only two Whimsical Giraffes that I know of!!!


I am soooooo jealous of you guys!!! Ugh…back to pin hunting I suppose!!! :frowning: Wish me luck!!!


I should add – if anyone ever finds themselves with TWO of the giraffe pins, and you want to sell or trade your extra one to me, I will make it worth your time and effort! :pirate:


I just don’t care about the value of the pin (Sure, if I got a trade that made me a ton of $$, great!). I like to look up on my office wall and stare at my nifty pins that I traded for at WDW in January.

Oooo! Pretty, shiny things!


That pin is from the Holiday Pin Adventure this past Christmas. Our whole family did the cards so we got one each. That is a nice pin as it is unique.


How do you display your pins on the wall?


Here’s the thread you started:


Check posts 24 & 29.