Tipping grocery services?


I’m considering using a grocery service this trip and have no idea what is a standard tip? I’m guessing we will spent around 75 dollars.


I tip 20% on these kind of services. It is quite different than going out to eat and tipping at the end of the meal when you already know what type of service you have had and know if you have had a great or not so good experience.


Jo, what does the grocery service do? Do they just deliver it to the resort/room for you?


Yup, shop and deliver. There are a few places like Wego shop and garden grocer that a number of MBers have used. Good for people with no car but plan to do some meals in the room. The prices are cheaper than disney stuff, but then you have to weigh that against the service fee and tip.


Ten dollars for a service like that is fair in my opinion unless you get over $100 worth of stuff. If they are shopping FOR you and brining it to you, the tip should be higher.


We tipped the usual 20% when we had groceries delivered.


I agree with DT we tipped 20% it covers the shopper and the delivery service @ gardengrocer.com


We had GardenGrocer.com deliver to us but it was not them who brought it to the room. An ASM Cast Member brought it to us and we gave the guy $5. ASM told us that it has to go thru them first then they will bring it to our rooms.
We were not aware of the procedures since it was our first time using them.