Tipping housekeeping?


Every day or at the end of your visit?


I tip every day incase we don’t have the same mousekeeper each day. I would hate to give a really big tip to someone who cleaned our room once and give nothing to the person who cleaned it every day.


That’s what I was thinking, DH really needs to listen to me more often, lol!


Same here… you never know if it will be the same person.
When I travel for business it’s usually $5.00 per day, ends up being $25-50 for the stay, depending on the amount of people in the rooms… usually it’s just me.

I am planning on $1.00 per day per person so $4.00 per day. I already have my mousekeeping envelopes ready…


That’s what we do, a $1 per day per person. If I don’t have ones I leave $5. I work really hard not to leave a mess, I even make the bed each morning. I feel weird letting someone see my un-made bed–I know I’m weird.


We tip daily because they always seems to be different house keepers, generally $2.00.


Make the bed… I don’t even make the bed in my own house… that’s why I married Jimmy… :cool:


I think a few dollars (or 2) a day (each day as you go) is appropriate - unless you’re just WAY Holy Cow how did they manage to do that messy…

Remember, housekeeping is a 365 day a year job so you could tip once at the end of your stay and catch your best mousekeeper’s made an extra effort’s day off.


Oh, don’t get me wrong, I don’t have to make my bed every day at home. I just don’t like people to see my sheets. It’s one of many funny little quirks I have.


wow, guess I tipped way to much lol, since for a week I tipped 150! Next time it will be $5 a day!


I think $5 a day is a good tip. I’m sure you made some mousekeepers day with that tip.


Big spenda!!


I leave them tips like “save time by not making the bed. I’m going to mess it up tonight anyway” and “fresh clean towles keep happy guest coming back”…


Not really we leave 2 bucks a day per-person and a thank-you note at check-out to the whole crew.


i am going to be leaving $1 per person, per day, each day =$3 per day along with a disney lipbalm. they each have a diff. disney princess on them…just thought…what if my mousekeeper is a guy?? uuuuhhh ohhhhh, oh well, even guys need & like balmy lips!!LOL


LOL… you are funny.
I figure since I don’t see my own sheets in the morning, let’s have housekeeping do it… Love my DH… he makes the bed and cleans all three bathrooms… and does dishes most of the time.


I’m impressed! Before we were married my DH used to wait until he ran out of dishes before doing them. Don’t even get me started on the shower.


…and please, plain old cash.

Tipping with Disney Dollars requires the employee to exchange them 'cause you can bet your tip is going to the local Safeway, not somewhere in the ‘world’.


we are every day too-4 dollars- under the tumblers above the sinks! and we got great ‘towel buddies’ from housekeeping too!


Best place to leave a tip in on the sink right?


I would never think to leave a mousekeeper disney dollars lol!