Tipping on the Dining Plan


Well, one of the GREAT things about the dining plan is the tip is included.

However, I don’t want to leave the table without some token of appreciation. So I’m going to be leaving one of these with our servers…


I’ve made extras for other CM’s on our trip who make it great. In personalizing them, I’ve changed the cards to say things like, “Thanks for being one of the best CM’s we’ve met this week.” and “CM’s like you are why we come back to WDW.” AND I’ve even laminated them so they are a little more special.

I know it’s kind of cheesy, but I keep thinking just maybe I can put a smile on a CM’s face and send them home at the end of the day feeling like they are appreciated.


Awwww…these are ADORABLE!!! I will have to bookmark the site so I can use them in December!!!


We’re doing all princesses this trip.

Last trip was Tinkerbell.


Cavey, I found that web site, too. Will be doing the same thing. Did you download the Walt Disney font onto your computer?


You know it! I even tried using it with Instant Messenger, but so few others have it on their computer it just looks like Arial.


Those are really adorable and I think the kind sentiment will REALLY be appreciated. In August we still left a monetary tip after dinners b/c I felt weird about getting up and leaving, plus i was somehow convinced that the server CMs might be getting ripped of high tips. Who knows?

Any sign of appreciation like that is so kind and thoughtful!! Good idea Cavey!


The other fonts are pretty cool, too. I put them all on my computer at work. Have to do the same here at home still. I also made the Mousekeepers special envelopes for the daily tip. They must have appreciated it since we did get quite a few towel animals, and other special little things for the kids.


That is an excellent idea. It can’t hurt to be appreciative for hard work.


thank you so much for that wonderful idea, I wish I would have known before our trip but I downloaded them for our next trip. Thank you. geez I hope I did this correctly, sorry if I didn’t


Okay, here is a dumb question – how much are servers tipped under the dining plan, 15% or 18%? As I used to wait tables, I would feel weird if a good server was only getting 15%. Thanks! :tongue:


Batgirl, it’s 15%.

Since I generally tip 20%, I felt weird about that, too. But then we got a LOT of really indifferent service (and I wondered if it was because they knew what the tip was going to be? I’m not saying that’s it, I just considered the possibility).

When we had an exceptional server, we gave an additional 10% to bump her up to 25%. (And we ALWAYS remembered to tip on alcohol, since that’s not covered.)

I think the card idea is nice, but I sadly wouldn’t have had many opportunities to use them, because as I said most of our servers didn’t step above mediocre. And while I’m sure a good server would appreciate the thank you card, I wouldn’t feel right about doing that without also giving a little monetary something else.


Hehehe, that’s when you leave the 45 cents shaped as a Mickey head and a card. :laugh:

Those cards are really cute! I know lots of CMs who would love those! Great idea!


I’ve seen numerous reports that CMs DO get their tips…and I can’t remember the percentage, but, it seems to be working out well…

the cards are a great touch. You’re very thoughtful, Caver_Jeffery.


The first sit-down dinner my mother and I had on the plan we asked the server did you get 15% of the value of what we ordered,and she said yes,so considering our bill at Le Cellier was $125,she made out great!!


Another tipping question: We are doing the Magical Gathering Safari Tour at Animal Kingdom. It cost $59.99 per adult and includes the meal. Do you tip on top of the pre-paid package? Like you I want to be fair to all of the CM’s. Thanks


What a great idea. Thanks for sharing the site with us. How will the boys feel about the all princess thing?


It’s going to feel funny to up and leave a table without leaving a tip, but I think I’ll get used to it. :wink:

Seriously, I definitely will leave something for exceptional service.


Very cute!!


It depends which resturant you go to.

On our last trip the California Grill and Yatchsman all took 18%.


Not to start an argument, but if I go into LeCellier and our dining plan bill came to $130, the server just earned $19.50 from ONE table in about 45 mintues. So a server working just two tables is making close to $40 in tips per hour.

In all seriousness, when I start earning even close to that at my job, then I’ll feel guilty for not leaving something extra beyond the dining plan.

Don’t get me wrong. Good service deserves reward, but they are getting a pretty good tip from the dining plan.