Tipping on the new Dining Plan


Last night, Stu and I were going over our spending plan for our trip (which is in 26 days!!!) and we went over about how much it’s going to cost us for tipping (since 18% will be added to all of our table service meals)

Well tips at just 18% will cost us close to $500!!! So, while the $1 decrese in the plan saved me $60…it will cost me $500 more this year above the $2100 I’ve already paid for the dining plan for my family.

For some reason this has really ticked me off. Last year we added up all our reciepts and we figured we saved $700. This year, with the absence of the appetizer and tipping, it will be interesting to see if we save anything at all.

Believe me, I am not begruding the wait staff any money, I’m a food server myself (who rarely sees tips close to 18%!!) I’m just surprised how much more dining is going to cost me this year.

I think I would have rather preferred an increase in the plan by even $5 and kept the tips included.

Just had to vent about that.


I think a lot of people are going to see what you are seeing–there isn’t going to be a lot of savings in the plan. The only thing I would like is having everything paid for before hand.

We’ve done both and while the plan was nice I’m not sure it truly saved us much because we never order that much food. We eat one sitdown meal a day but don’t get much more than an entree so when we figured up what we would spend and the cost of the plan we came out about even.

With the new changes we’re happy with the DDE card, it takes care of the tip and we get to order what we want.

We didn’t add the dining plan for our December trip since we have APs and I think we were happier because we weren’t stuffed after every meal and we didn’t feel like we HAD to eat. We ate waht we wanted and enjoyed it.


I don’t believe that 18% is being added to counter service meals. If that makes you feel a little better…


You’re right, a tip is not added to counter service meals.


Yes, I know about that, I have to edit my post, LOL, I ment to say Table Service…the $500 was just on TS meals believe it or not. We are a family of 6 and we will be there for 10 days, but it’s still a shocker considering last year we only spent about an extra $100 on tipping.


That sure is a shocker! I run the numbers for every trip, and the DDP has never been better for us $$. Using our APs, we get a good room discount, don’t have to buy MYW tickets, and have our DDE card, which is 20% discount on food and drinks (adult beverages as well).

The only time we use the DDP is when we have free dining.


It’s a good thing that the DDE discount takes care of the tip because starting on Jan 1, they started automatically adding a mandatory 18% tip to all DDE meals, regardless of the size of your party. At least it’s 18% on the prediscount total and not the after tax total.


Same with us. We usually save several hundred dollars on the room alone and the 20% off with the DDE card takes care of the tip. I’m not sure we’ll do the dining plan again because my son will suddenly become an adult in May and there’s no way he’ll eat close to $40 a day. I know we could use his adults credits but I just can’t eat that much and I don’t want to spend my whole trip eating, even at 2 credit restaurants.


Is this for parties of a certain amount or for everyone??


I’m ok with that because we would tip at least that much even if it was added for us. If there’s an issue with poor service I’ll talk to a manager and have it removed. It would have to be really bad for me to do that and in all my WDW vacations I’ve never had a serious issue with a server.


I think it’s for all party sizes.


[QUOTE=DisneyTeacher]I think it’s for all party sizes.[/QUOT

Oh wow… Thanks for that info…


I am on the fence this year with the dining plan. I have to actually sit and do the math and decide if it’s worth it to me and DD. I’ll do the breakdown for every meal knowing what we more or less will order and see if it’s worth it. I like being paid in advance, but this year I technically won’t be as I have to pay for the DDP at check in because I am renting points…I’ll have to think about this one.


Im the same way. I dont know if we will get the DDP this year unless they offer it for free… I have to think about everything that we will eat and see if it comes to $5-$600


I’m sorry, I was talking about with the DDE card. The tip is added no matter your party size with the DDE card.


We decided to get the dining plan again this year, we like having most everything paid for when we get there. I was immensely disappointed that they took out the tip because now it is more of an inconvenience. I am ok with the elimination of the appetizer because it is already so much food. I think that they could have kept the tip and incresed the price by 1 or 2 dollars and that would have made me much happier. Last year we tipped the wait staff extra at almost every meal, so now they won’t get extra unless they are extraordinary wait staff.


18% added in is only for parties of 6 or more. I just looked it up on allears,.net. Tips are not included for anyone however.


Because I am super anal about my planning, I just went and prepriced every meal that I intend to do on the trip. I even added in mickey bars and random waters and some snacks for the room. The dining plan still is a value for me, so that’s the way I am going to do it.

Dining plan costs with an average of $15 tip per meal for 7nights and 8 days will cost me about $637. That includes snacks etc. Having done this plan a few times, I know how to maximize this thing to death.

Paying for the same meals out of pocket, tips, snacks etc is going to run me a minimum of $894.

This is a no brainer for me. Dining plan it is.


Good for you, Dana. I think that’s the only way to see if the plan is a value for your family. I did the same thing a couple of years ago and came out about even w/o the tip. We went with the plan because it wasn’t going to cost us more and we got a lot more food for the same price.


There’s no other way to see if it will be a good deal or not. I could shave some off the OPP price by skipping some of the dinners I want to do, but why should I when i could get the DDP and get the meals I want to? Doesn’t make sense. Doesn’t make sense for your family and I understand why with nate not eating a huge variety of food and you having to pay the adult prices for him now…no sense at all.