Tipping question


Hello! What would be a customary tip for staying at a dvc resort for 5 nights? Thanks!:blink:


I would say $3-$5 a day. Or you could tip like $1 per person if you have a larger party.


Well, that depends if you are paying for “trash & towel service” or not. Mousekeeping does NOT come to DVC ‘rooms’ every night unless you pay for this service. They DO come and do service once or several times a week (see chart below). Since they are designed to be like “home away from home” villas and not a hotel room per say it’s not provided as you’d be used to in any other WDW resort hotel. You CAN ‘purchase’ this service if you want them to appear more frequently.

This is the guidlines (taken from Renting DVC Points:slight_smile:

"For stays of seven or fewer nights, Trash and Towel Service is provided on day four. With this service, Housekeeping will

Empty the trash and put new liners in the wastebaskets
Provide fresh bathroom towels
Replace shampoo, facial soap and bath soap
Replenish facial tissues, paper towels, and toilet paper
Replenish coffee, sugar, and cream
Replenish diswashing liquid, dishwasher detergent, sponges, and laundry detergent as applicable

For stays of eight or more nights, Full Cleaning Service is provided on day four and Trash and Towel Service is provided on day eight. After that, the cycle begins again on day 12. With Full Cleaning Service, Housekeeping will provide everything included with the Trash and Towel Service, plus…"


If you are staying on points, you will not get the normal every morning service, unless you request and pay for it.

Even you are staying for a longer time the midweek will be a quick once through and not full service.

I only tip for days when the room is serviced.

Studio or 1 bedroom I tip like normal hotel room per service. Two bedroom I tip like 2 hotel rooms. Of course, if you are staying in the grand villa with 5-6 beds then you’d want to tip more like 3 hotel rooms.


Thank You!!!


I never tipped when I stayed at OKW. I had to hunt them down to get my clean towells…they never showed up on clean towell day…lol If I remember correctly, it took three calls for me to get the stupid towells and I got them after I ended up just washing them myself in the washer/dryer thing I had…lol I would have tipped $1 for each person or a flat $10 as I had 6 people and tons of dirty towells.


Dana - you DIRTY girl. :blush:

The washer/dryer in the room are pretty handy. Another reason to stay DVC. (Although I’m STILL ticked about the $95 reservation charge for WDW non DVC properties!)