Tipping sky caps


We made our flights for Dec. It’s an early morning flight. A VERY early morning flight. Leaves at 5:30 AM. Last trip we had a not quite so early flight and waited for SW to open up for us to check bags. Then of course had to wait for the 47 people ahead of us to go thru the line. At that time, I said next trip we are using the sky caps. So after all that, what’s the standard amount for tipping? Don’t want to under tip and have our bags end up in Newark instead of Orlando.


We tip at least a dollar a bag. We make sure we have a few 5 dollar bills and use those for any traveling tips like sky caps and the DME driver.


Thanks. That’s about what we tip when use bag check at the resorts. Didn’t know if we should tip different AT the airport.

Before the trip, using slips of paper and paper clips, I figure out all the tips. ME, Bell Services, Housekeeping,etc and then an a few extra $1, $5, and $10, just in case. We always use credit cards for everything at disney and we don’t use ATMs, so we like to be sure we have all the cash needs covered.


Buck a bag. That’s pretty standard.


We tipped the person that brought our bags to the room and the one that helped me take the bags to the van when we left 5 a piece. I hope that was a right amount.


we always tipped the skycaps at least $5 per bag.


$5 bucks a bag!!! I never would have dreamed tipping that much.


neither would I …that is very generous…a buck a bag and that depends on the type of service…friendly or not…etc