Tipping Towncar Drivers


:confused: I have a question about tipping the drivers. Because you pay the driver up front for both trips. Tipically, you would tip 15 - 20%. Do you do that but cut it in half to cover both trips? I don’t know that I want to tip $20 each way. Help!


I would do whatever you feel like you should do. If you want to give it to him all up front then do that, but if you would rather split it then you could do that. What towncar company are you using??


We are using Murray Hill Transportation.


Never heard of that one. We are sponsored by Quicksilver Transportation. They are wonderful, and many DC members have used them and liked them.


I know, and I looked at Quicksilver, however; Murray Hill gave us more of what we needed. Ontop of the car and the grocery shop, they rent $20 strollers. The $20 is for the stay not per day. That is a terrific thing for us, because it is better than bringing one from home. If we rented one from the park, it won’t help us around Downtown Disney, or at the hotel. That’s one of the main reason we went with them. As far as I know, they are good.


That is a pretty cool deal. Let us know how all that works out.


I will. Thanks! We go in 13 1/2 days!!! Yeah!


That is sooooo exciting!!! Wish it was me!! Have fun!


Thanks! I will give a trip report when I get back.


Hey there! The best way to tip your towncar driver is both up and back. You may have a different driver for your return to the airport. Just figure half the cost of the trip and tip 20% of that for pick-up and drop off. Fair is fair and if for some reason you get a different driver, the first one made a $20 tip for a one-way drive and the other got nothing.


Oh I hope you have a wonderful time! Wish we could meet you there!

You should tip half, yes, because you may not get the same driver on the return trip.

Have a blast! :mickey:


Thanks everyone! I kindof thought I should split it, but I have never done this before and I wanted a consensence (sp?).


Glad we could help. Have to learn some how right? :mickey:


That is true Dana. You guys are the best! I started out trying to get information on our first “adult” trip with our son. I am ended with a bunch of great people who are wanted the best for everyone on their Disney Vacation. I feel that I have entered another family. Thanks for having me.


You hit the nail on the head there. We are like a family of sorts…bonded by Disney…lol You are truely welcome. It’s a pleasure having you with us.