Tipping using your Disney Rewards Points


Anyone used their Disney Visa Rewards points toward dining tips? If so, did it work out well for you? Thanks!


We have used our DRC to pay for our entire meal which included tip. I see no reason why they wouldn’t accept it just for tip as well.


It is illegal to charge ONLY a tip to a credit card. To get around this resturants will charge your card $.01 – They will then present you with the slip and you can write in whatever tip you choose based on the cost of your DDP meal. Your server should have NO problem doing this for you!

I feel like I explained that very confusingly. Example: if you want to tip $25.00, Your server will charge your card $.01 and then give you the slip. You will write in $25.00 on the tip line and the total of the bill will be $25.01

ETA: I know the rewards card isnt really a credit card, but it works the same way. Room charge tips work this way as well in non-Disney Owned restruants.