Tipping with ME


We are using southwest which is now included with ME for resort checkin. I was just reading on mousesavers that checking your bags at the resort is the same as doing curbside checkin therefore a tip is in order. If I hadn’t read that it never would have dawned on me to tip. Do you tip for resort checking and how much?


I do. Just a dollar a bag. I’m with you though, this went over my head for a while until I started to see other people doing it.


I tipped a dollar a bag as well.


Thank you, I would have felt foolish standing in line.


We also tip about the same when we do it at the resort~ although it also didn’t occur to us until after seeing someone else! :redface:


Yes…we always tip for ME check in (when heading back to the airport). I think of it as “insurance” that my bags will make it home! We usually tip $2 - $3 a bag (depending on how much money we have left at the end of the trip! LOL!)