[FONT=Arial Black][SIZE=7][COLOR=Black]I always have trouble figuring out how much to tip various people during our trips to WDW. I probably tend to overtip (happily), but I am wondering what is appropriate. For example, baggage handlers at the airport suggest $1 or $2 each bag. Sounds right?
What about check in? If you are escorted to your room is it similar?

Lately, we’ve been staying at the FW Cabins (GREAT!!). While there is noone handling baggage, the housekeepers are so wonderful!! They clean the ENTIRE cabin, including the dishes, and make animal towels every day. Last time we left $50 for a one week stay. The day before checkout, our housekeeper came to see us personally, asking if we were happy with her services, and that she wouldn’t be there the next day. I know she came for her tip, but she deserved it, so I handed it to her instead of leaving the $ in the cabin. She seemed thankful, but I don’t know if it was appropriate. Come to think of it, someone cleaned our cabin the day she was off and I guess I neglected to leave a one-day tip… Sorry!

What about a regular room at a moderate? And, how do you make sure the tip you leave for a week’s stay gets to your housekeeper and not another housekeeper coming on-duty on your housekeeper’s day off? I just want to make sure deserving people are recognized and thanked for their good work.


It is always best to tip housekeeping daily so the person cleaning your room each day gets the tip. $2-$5 is the usual for most of us.


The normal rate of tipping for mousekeeping is a dollar per person per day. Leave it daily,so the right people get it.


I have missed the obvious solution! Thanks!


I posted a thread a while back and there’s lots of good info from me and others…



OOH, I didn’t know you should leave a tip for housekeeping every day. We left $20 on our check-out day. We had previously saw the housekeeper and asked her if she had been cleaning our room for our entire stay and she did.

I’ll have to remember this for our next stay…leave a tip each day!


Ok, here’s one:
When we get to the resort, sometimes the room isn’t ready, so baggage services holds it until you are ready to check in. Do you tip when dropping off your luggage? or do you tip them for holding it for you, when you pick it up? What about if they show you to your room with the luggage? Also, what about when baggage services holds your bags on your last day (if you have a late flight)? Say you call someone to come pick it up and hold until you’re ready to leave? Tip when they pick it up? Do you also tip when you pick it up and are ready to leave the resort? help :wacko:



another old tipping thread. Hope it helps out.


Thanks for that link, buzz…it clears up a lot for me!


We tip housekeeping $2/day and leave it on a daily basis. If you leave it daily, they know you’re going to tip and you get good service all week. If you leave it all at once when you leave you don’t get the chance of having better service. I don’t know if it really matters at WDW because we have never had less than great housekeeping.
At the airport…tip the baggage person…he has your luggage and could accidentally on purpose send your luggage elsewhere. It is generally $2/checked bag.


:smile: :smile: We tip 1 dollar per day per person in the room. We always make our housekeeping envelopes before we leave for our trip and then simply put one out each morning. :smile: :smile: