In my CSR thread someone mentioned that a tip is added on to everything, including CS meals and the purchase of a refillable mug. Is this true? What %? Why? Did the food prices come down b/c of the added charge? (ha ha, i know!)

Thanks a bunch!

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I’ve not heard of tips added on everything but I have read that a tip is added at the Pepper Market but that’s the only CS place I’ve heard doing that and it’s because of how it’s set up. I dont’ think the tip is new, I think it’s been there since the restaurant opened.


Ohhhh, so its only at CSR! I get it! I was getting worried for a minute! I thought I had to figure in another expense!

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Unless it’s new we’ve never had a tip added to a CS meal.


When we stayed at CSR in 2003 we noticed that a 10% surcharge was added to every meal we ate at Pepper Market. I don’t necessarily think it was a tip. If you took your food “to go” then this surcharge was not added. I, personally did not like this at all. When you start adding up all of the 10% charges that you pay during your stay that could equal a Mickey t-shirt!!:laugh:


Like DT said, that is only for the pepper market at CSR…don’t eat there and no worries about added tips. I find it ridiculous that you fetch your own food and are charged a “tipping fee”…insane!


I do too! Don’t get me wrong, I am a great tipper for great service and a good tipper for the good and below servers. I just have a thing for someone telling me that I HAVE to tip, let alone at a CS type restaruant.

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If they actually served you the food, I could understand…but they don’t. I totally do not understand the concept here. I mean I guess it’s kinda like a buffet deal…you get your food and they bring you the drinks…not entirely sure as I have never had a meal at this place.


CS is a convention hotel that host many guest that are there for meeting and confrences that often don’t even go the parks.:eek: Often there they are there on an expense account that is being paid for by their companies. This is one of the reasons for the extra service charge at Pepper market.


I’m sure I’ve read somewhere that the restaurants in CSR are not Disney-run. I have to admit it certainly annoyed me when we ate there - but no worries about any other food courts. No tipping anywhere else. We simply didn’t go back, after the first time.


That makes sense of course for the conventioners, but not for normal resort guests…I guess the mass majority there are conventioners and they put that cost on everyone who eats there…still irks me.


If they’re going to add a surcharge, I’ll just have to burn CS credits there, if I do find myself there.
If I’m not on the dining plan, wehlllllllllllll, we’ll see. But let’s be honest, Sunshine Seasons in The Land is about the only food court I go out of my way for.

Addendum: Hey, I just looked at Pepper Market’s menu. If this is still accurate, that rib eye for $19 for a counter meal is MAXIMUM value!
Overall, it looks pretty good. If I were on the dining plan, I WOULD GO OUT OF MY WAY.
Maya Grill has always looked interesting, but it’s been on the to do list, not the must do list.


We ate there this past August. The difference between a regular CS and there is that a hostesss seats you, someone takes your order for drinks, you eat off of regular plates & glasses (not paper), you are given a form to have stamped when you go up and get your food. When are done eating you pay at the cashier and they add the 10% to your bill. You don’t clear your table, someone does it for you.

I guess they add the 10% because it is kind of like if you go into a Chinese Buffet or a place similiar where they seat you, get your drinks, you get the food from the buffet & they clear your dishes for you. If you tip a waiter at that type of restaurant then this is about the same thing.


hmm ok I get it. Makes a bit of sense. If they are getting your drinks etc and you are just serving yourself like in a buffet setting, I get the tip part then. Makes way more sense then getting charged a tip for nothing. 10% seems right for clearing tables and getting drinks etc. That’s about what I tip at a chinese buffet place.


I totally get that now! when I am at a buffet I leave a tip on the table for the drink girl so I can dig that at CSR.

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CSR isn’t Disney run, there are quite a few restaurants at Disney that aren’t. Like, Tutto Italia - and in the case of Tutto Italia and other restaurants that aren’t Disney-owned (sit-downs), the waiters only get like a $4 - $5 tip on the meal, not 18%. Next year of course it won’t matter.

I always get my food at CSR to go. There is a nice sitting area outside, and then you don’t have to pay the 10%.



Is the 10% going to be included in the 2008 dining plan, or are we going to have to pay it? Also I was looking @ the participating dining plan locations on allears.com, and Coronado springs is not even listed. Not sure if this is a mistake, or if they are not included. Anybody know?


Last year, a number of restaurants were not added until late in the game (the ones that are not Disney owned). I haven’t looked at the current restaurant list, but it is always possible for a non-Disney restaurant to opt out.

I also am not certain on the 10% next year. As tips aren’t included with the sit-downs, I wouldn’t expect them to be included with the Pepper Market (if it is included with the plan).



They are not Disney run, we stayed there in september and they charge a 10% service fee on orders placed there and to go, A portion of it goes to the cooks and another portion goes to the server who seats you and another portion goes to the person who fills your drink. At the Mayan Grill though I noticed while we were on the Dining plan that they didn’t actually charge us for the actual prices of the food, because the restaurant is not Disney owned, the dining plan only pays a certain amount to the restaurant which means the waitress gets jipped out her 18% tip because disney only pays 18% of the amount that they pay to the restaurant.



Actually, if the 10% is included are you allowed to tip on top of that?

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