Tips for DVC Newbie?


We are new DVC owners and I will soon be making our first reservations for next fall. I am wondering if any of the veteran DVC members have any tips or recommendations. I understand how the points work, but beyond that I am lost. Can you do Magical Express, dining plan and things like this? Are there discounts or perks that DVC members get that I should know about? Any help is greatly appreciated.


Things are pretty much the same as when you book a regular hotel stay. We use the magical express when we go, and also the dining plan.

Try and book as early as you can so you can get the dates you want, always have back up dates when you call, this way if you can’t get your first choice you have another option. When I book my home resort, I usually don’t have a problem getting the time I want, (I own at SS, and I usually go off season) the same goes for if you want to book at another resort, call as soon as possible.

When you check in they give you a nice folder with what is going on at the resort for the time you are there. Usually there is a movie night, activities for the kids, the weekly meeting for members (I’ve never gone to this) stuff like that… almost like the activity sheet you get when you take a cruise. It also has a discount book in there, with coupons for the stores and restaurant. Your DVC member card will also get you some discounts on restaurants and stuff, I have trouble remembering what establishment will give me a discount, so I just ask when I’m checking out. (I also have the Chase Disney CC, which is why I get confused).

I also use the member website to get discounted tickets for the special parties and Disney plays (in NYC), see what offers they have for the members, I also buy my annual passes through the member’s website, (they give you a discount).


The biggest perk is getting $100 discount to an annual pass. Then, when you renew, you get an additional $45 off.

And, yes you do get discounts. When making a purchase, I always pull out my DVC Member Card, AP and Disney Visa and ask them to use whichever one gives the best discount.