Tips for large groups anyone?


I am traveling with 5 other people…total of 6 in our group. I have never went to WDW with this many people. The last time I took others (DBF and his DS in 01/05) there were many fights and tension. Anyone have any tips to get 4 kids to get along? The kids will be ages 12 (my dd), 13(my DD’s df), 14( DBF’s DS) and 15 (DBF’s DN). I thought that if our kids brought a friend there would be less fighting and more magic…now I’m getting nervous about them all fighting…lol You know it’s just “almost time to go” jitters for me and I am just wanting this trip to go well. Lots of planning.,…many hours of research…who wants a battle royal? So, parents of many or multiple childen…how do you make it work?


I’d seperate and go in smaller groups for most of the day, if possible.

Or perhaps let each kid plan the day’s itinerary (pre-trip) with input from you.


Those were my thoughts too. DBF and I have decided to let the older ones roam about and let the younger ones roam about in the same park we are in ,but not use the transportation solo…I have the room time and dinner to worry about only. Think that the time away from each other all day will make meals and room time a little easier to “bond” ? Thanks for your input caver. I always appreciate what you have to say.


I would split up. the girls, and I think the boys, are old enough to do the parks partly by themselves. They would enjoy it so much more if the “old people” weren’t around, don’t you think?
Just read Erin’s report on how her two older ones enjoyed being grown up.
Let them all go their separate ways, meet after a couple of hours, stay connected by phone if need be and you’ll have yourself a grand trip


You are right of course. I think the kids will be happier without us oldens cramping their style. I feel weird not doing WDW with my DD though…lol Oh well I will have to look at it as time alone with DBF that I hardly ever get.:wub:


Our last trip was 10 people. And it wasn’t just the children that “had their moments”

I would definately suggest letting the girls and boys go off on their own for a bit. Take breaks when emotions get high. Don’t expect to move swifty as a group. Let eveyone have a time where they get to do what they want, include everyone in on decisions that are up for discussion.

If you find that there’s too much togetherness, don’t force the magic, take a time out.

You’ll be fine, the kids are almost 2 years older now then on you last trip, and at that age, that can make a big difference.

You’ll have a blast Dana!!


Oh…I dread the day when my kids don’t want to tour WDW with us.

5yo DS called me “Dad” last week, instead of “Daddy.” My heart nearly broke. Fortunately, it happened only once.


poor Cavey…I feel your pain -errr, actually I don’t. My boys always call me those cute little names they gave me when they were little. I know it is just to get things out of me or to get me to do things, but it’s cute and it works

I think this post constitutes a threadjack and I apologize :blush:



Thanks Jen. I know I’m being silly, but I keep having last trip flash backs. It was a wonderful trip, but I could have lived without the bickering…lol

Dopey -
I love that your boys still call you cute names…my DD only calls me Mommy when she wants something…lol So much so that when I hear her say mommy, I respond with “NO!”


We usually tell the kids that they are not allowed to talk to each other when they start bickering. That usually does the trick, it’s really hard when they want to say something to the other one and can’t. After a while they’ll ask if they can talk and promise not to argue anymore, haha!


LOL I may just do that…lol I am hoping that they are at an age where they can show just a bit of maturity, but am really not sure about that./. I’m being a nut I know it…lol


Well, don’t want to dash all hope, but my 19 year old still does it! Seriously, he’ll argue with the 7 year old!


I dont have any experience of going with a large group of people so I can’t help you there but I agree on letting the boys go on their own (do they have a cell phone?), and the girls can do that in the same park too, that sounds like a plan as well.
Just take things at a leisurely place so nobody stresses out (which you always do anyways! :heart: ).
I think for all of you with some time to yourselves will help alot plus you have that BIG suite at OKW!!!
that should help too! :happy:

Hope it goes well for ALL of you!

I know what your feeling with pre trip jitters and the group etc…,Iam having the same jitters and second thoughts of having the ex go along too! :glare: :ph34r: He gets on my last nerve sometimes! :glare:


Thanks faith…LOLOL


We are a small family of 3, but we love to travel with large groups of family and/or friends.
We went to US with 6 kids in 2004 with the ages of 11 to 15 from four different families. It worked out great. During the day the kids normally hung out with their parents at the parks, but after dinner the kids on their own decided to hang out together, either at the pool, back at the room playing cards, or at the arcade. Normally during the day, the families separated because each wanted to do something else. The rule was the kids had to stay together, and luckily the oldest in the group was very responsible.

We have also done various other trips with friends/families, and the group averages around 20 to 40, from Myrtle Beach to the Poconos, and somehow it works out. On occasion there has been a little tension, but overall a good time. Just remember to take time out for your family when you feel there is some tension.


I think you will be fine. I have taken 5 groups of teenagers for the past 5 years. They are not my own, but we have taken any where from 13 to 31 teenagers. I know they are not my own, but we have had students bicker and fight, but it usually works out.

Letting them do their own thing usually works out great. We have them meet up with us about every 5 to 6 hours. We do not let them go to different parks, but that is because they are not our children. I think yours will be fine because you know them best. Give them their own time and that often cuts down on alot of the bickering. Giving them responsibility often makes teenagers feel more grown-up and I think it cuts down on the little things that they start to argue about.

Have a great time!


Pu, that’s exactly how we handle the bickering. At home it works too. When they were smaller we would say :“Don’t you dare clean up your room. Cindy will come and do it for you. She’ll find a spot for every toy and all is well”…worked every time. They didn’t want to have to go looking for their toys :laugh:



I was going to suggest splitting up the group, but several others already have. We were a group of 5 last year when DSister went with us. At first, it wasn’t bad touring together, but after about a week we nneded time to seperate. We all started to get on each other’s nerves. I think the kids’ ages in your group are fine to seperate. We let DD and DS go do something else in the same area last trip while we rode Peter Pan’s flight. We were only seperated for 15 minutes or so, but they felt really grown up. DD took one of the cell phones so that they could reach us if they needed us. I think it is great that the kids have a friend with them. That should cut down on the fighting too. You are going to have a great trip, and I think you are really going to enjoy having time alone with DBF.


Eh… lock the kids in the hotel and go out and have a good time. :wink:


I have a feeling that bringing along the friends is going to help with the fighting. Kids usually don’t want to look bad in front of friends (or cousins) so maybe they’ll get along better this time. They will have someone else to focus on instead of each other for a week. They have also had a year to grow up a little more and that may make a difference too.