How about a new thread for WDW tips?

Does anyone know about a walking trail in Canada, with an old abandoned mine and waterfalls? I knew of the one on the way to see that movie, O’Canada, but supposedly there is another one, a real walking trail to show you the landscape of Canada.


I don’t think I’ve ever heard of this trail:huh:


Well this Thread is a dud so far. How about:

On Hollywood Blvd at MGM, read the names stenciled on the second floor windows. I recall seeing one that said ‘Valiant Detective Agency’ from ‘Who Framed Roger Rabbit’.


You can take your water park mug back to either water park (not just the one you bought it in) and buy a new sticker of the day for only $6, about half the price of a new mug.


No trash can will ever be more than 30 steps away from you. It seems that Walt went to other parks when he was designing the park and counted how long a person would hold onto a piece of trash before dropping it on the ground. He came up with 30 steps.


Hmmm. . . that’s very interesting. My daughter and I read a biography on Walt last fall, and it seems that he didn’t like that other amusement parks looked junky. So, that would make sense!

I can’t think of any tips right now. I’ll come back with those later. :happy:


If you have a free night or a down night go to the camp fire sing-a-long and movie at Ft. Wilderness campground. Chip’N’Dale are there, your can purchase s’mores (mmmm) and you even get to see a disney movie!!


I don’t have any tips, still feel like I am learning but I am looking forward to finding out some things I can go check out.


Shop shortcuts.

There are a bunch at MK and AK…

If you’ve got to get somewhere, but you have to walk around a shop or a lot of buildings, go through, not around. Great way to dodge the crowd…


When the sun is out and its really really hot, find some shade under a tree!!!


Did you know Space Mountain is the only attraction in the MK to be located outside the perimeter of the WDW RR?


I remember seeing some video that a tv news reporter put trash on the ground and they taped how long it took to picl it up it was like 45 sec…???


How about: A Cast member will use two fingers to point as using one can be viewed as being rude.


OMG! I was gonna say that!:blink: Yes…two fingers…or the whole hand:happy: And…one finger is especially rude:eek: :laugh:


:laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


Re-use your mugs from a previous trip!!:biggrin: :biggrin: :laugh: :laugh:


Wow…really? You’re a wealth of information!!!

I never knew that - you know I’ll be checking when we get there!


Ya know… I can’t think of one single tip. :sad:

Ok here’s a cheesy one. :blush: If you want to see Wishes right in front of the castle get a spot at least an hour before it starts. Use the same strategy for Fantasmic.


if you go into the photo place across from City Hall in MK in the back where they have the Kodak display (to the left in the back of store) there are charaicters in there sometimes. Not really a line to see them, unless the people in the store find out that they are there then a line forms. Also in there is a small setting area that you can watch some cartoons, and there is 4 “cartoon sets” that you can stick your head in and take photos of them.

If you are into hidden Mickeys. the above said cartoon sets there are a few of them in the 101 dalmation one. there is also some in Mickeys garage by his house.


hmmmm- how about this one
at Mama Melrose …all the very outdated 1980’d hair and fashion pictures on the wall- how many of them are dead?

Ok so that was kind of harsh… but that was what we did - we went around looking at them and wondering what ever happened to most of them.