Hey what number of postings do you need to have to pick your own title? How do you make any changes?


I haven’t made it yet but it looks like you did - I believe it is 1,500! Congrats!


Yes Sir, I think you made it!!! :happy:


Congrats Skwak! You made it to 1500!!!


Congrats Stan!!! :happy: If you go under User CP there should be a new heading to the left of that page that allows you to change you title (well, that’s what I’ve heard!!) :mickey:


Yey!! Congrats!
If you go to your User CP icon and click on Edit Profile there should be a place for it! And you can change it as often as you like…if it’s not there try logging off for a few minutes and then logging on again


Thanks Everyone!

I had no idea what to write but it was fun just the same!!

Thanks for all of your help over the years. The joy of this place is that you can make friends and learn from everyone regardless of their title! :cool:


Welcome to the Over 1,500 Club!


Yay Mr. Disney Freak! love that title. Congratulations…:pirate:


alicefan just have to say love your picture of Dr McDreamy, he is soo yummy


I love your title, Stan! I’ve always enjoyed your posts and look forward to your next 1500!! Congrats!


Congrats, Skwak!!! YAY!! :c)


Congrats! Boy do I have a ways to go and I’ve been a DC member for 3 years. I have to start catching up!


Wow! 3 years, 1500 could take forever! I too better get started!

Skwak, I Love your title! Congrats!


Yay! You did it! I love your posts and I love saying your user name! Heehee!


I guess I’m more of a browser than poster. I’m going to be working on that now, lol.


I think that is my issue as well. I am addicted to this site, it is like I think about it all day if I don’t get to visit, yet I post very infrequently. My DH asks every day what I picked up while on the “cult”. Since he works long shifts, I think it is his way of gathering info for our trip. He is such a Mickey Addict!!!

As for this site, I kind of just take it all in. I think I might have to just jump right on in and post away!!!


The Cult! Hahaha!


He has a way with terms of endearment!!!


Hey! I hit 100 posts and I think that made me a “Senior Mousketeer”!!! I am on my way!!!