TMZ not so nice :(


I was just watching TMZ and they did a piece on Disneyland. It’s a Fat World After All -
Also what is up with them adding new characters to ISW?


Well, I never would have pegged TMZ as “nice” honestly, usually I am watching their ridiculously mindless, yet addictive, show while my fat butt is sweating on the eliptical at the gym. I didn’t watch today b/c I went to the gym earlier but everything they said about the deepening of the trenches to suit heavier loads HAS been denied by the Disney Company. I had read that a representative from the Disney Company claimed that all the fiberglass patches that have been spackled on the bottom of the boats due to natural ware & tear was the cause of the scrapage & the needed trench deepening, amongst other practical issues.

Who knows what’s REALLY true but I would assume that if it REALLY was just because “Americans are so fat” the same refurbishments would need to be done on the Storybook Canal Boats, IASW in WDW, possibly PotC, etc.
I have a tendency to believe what the Disney reps. claim, but you never know.


NY Comic-Con…I am so jealous! :cool:

TMZ on the other hand…I don’t even have the words! :blow:


I remember hearing about this a few months back and googled it. I got a hit from some local news channel that pretty much confirmed that. They showed the boats and overweight people from the neck down either walking or sitting on a bench(as all media handle obesity)


I have to agree with Wishuponastar, wouldn’t they have to refurbish all the rides similar to IASW?


I just read the article on (which is unknown to me) and can’t comment on whether weight is the reason for refurbs as I really dont know. But I was mildly amused by one posters comments on that site that we British need (and I quote) ‘For the love of God to tan and slim’:ohmy: -as a very pale -yet skin cancer free Brit -who is at present slim I guess only half the posters comments apply to me then :laugh:


A program full of mindless nonsense.