To add the Dining Plan


I already have park tickets and a room only reservation, but if I want to add the dining plan do I have to get a 1 day park tickets for all 3 of us or just 1 person? I’m trying to decide if the dining plan is cost effective since we already have our non-expiring park tickets.



You have to get a 1 day park ticket for EVERYONE in your party. But you can SAVE them to use at a later date since you already have tickets! That’s what we did!


I believe it has to be for everyone in the room.

You’re going back. I am excited for you :smile:


ooops, Kim was faster :cool:


If you can swing it go for it. It adds to the whole experiance.


Yes, you have to get the pass for everyone on the reservation and make your current room only reservation a package to be able to get the DDP…it is worth it to me.


I think the DDP is TOTALLY worth it. I think it’s just such a great convenience and value I can’t imagine NOT adding it. :smile:


IF you only add 1 day ticket is that 1 day only on the DDP? or all the days that you are reserved to sleep there


No, the dining plan is then for the number of days reserved at the resort.:closedeye


Thanks! Thats what I thought but its too early in the AM for me:pinch:


Thanks all - I really do want to do the dining plan again, I find it really convenient. The only drawback is that the CS kids meals are so limited. DD always ended up eating 1 of our meals and DH would eat her “chilled chicken”! Since our trip isn’t until 1 year from now, I have it booked as a room only. Thanks for letting me know how to upgrade to get the DDP, which I’m sure I’ll end up doing some time next year.


Geez, 3 days - I’m more excited for you!!! :mickey: