To annual pass, or not? AND, "almost here" excitement!


First of all, I just glanced at the calendar and realized I only have 18 days until we leave for our big November trip!! :biggrin: :mickey: :biggrin:

I’m doing the ‘in the teens’ dance!!! (see below :tongue:)

Second of all, from my figuring, all I have left to do is order Dan’s ticket/annual pass, and PACK!!

I think I’ve put off purchasing Daniel’s ticket for this long long 'cause I am having a hard time dealing with the stark reality that we MAY not be going back again within a year’s time. :sad: I am not sure what to do. The annual pass would cost me around $380 with tax including our DVC discount, OR a 8-day park hopper would be $283. with tax. If we end up building the new house in April chances are we won’t be going back before next November. Then again, if we have no where to live for 3 months we may find solice at some point at our ‘2nd home.’ If I save the $100 now and we end up going I might be strapped later to buy another ticket for him. On the OTHER hand, I am trying to be VERY prudent about wasting extra $ b/c if we DO build we’ll have a bigger house & not a lot to fill it with. :tongue: That extra $100 could also be some extra needed spending money on the trip too, we’ll have a couple ADRs beyond our dining plan credits. Ack, what should I do?!?!?! :blink: I need to order one or the other early this week!

OK, that being said, here is my ‘in the teens’ dance:


Hmm well , I am no help here, because I do not think I could decide either. But, if you think you have any chance of going again witin the year time frame I would get the AP. It would be worth it.
I used my AP 10 days this year and kept thinking I just should have bought the 10 PH. But it saved me on hotel rates, so I think it paid off.


Do you have an AP good for next year for a poss trip? If so then get your DH one too. You never know if you will go back or not within that time. Worse come to worse its only $100 becuase you get the DVC discount.


I have an annual pass that is valid until August '08. Daniel’s expired back in MAy '07.


Since your pass is still vaild till August 08, I would say get the AP for Daniel.


If your AP expires in aug 08, that means a second trip within 9 months. And if it expires early Aug, that cuts the time even more. How many trips per APs did you do in the past?


huh? I am confused, sorry. :blush: haha. I purchased my annual pass before
“Girl Trip '07” So, my annual pass is technically valid until August 22nd, 2008. After our November trip I will have used my annual pass for a total of 12 park days which is fine with me if I didn’t go back before Aug. '08 I’d still feel like I got my $'s worth. Daniel never got an annual pass after his expired in May '07 because we chose to visit Disneyland, California in June instead.

I know, we’re complicated. Anyway, within any given year we AVERAGE one 7-10 day trip and a small 3-night trip per year.

GRANTED, if this house re-building thing gets rolling in Spring it looks like we’ll be visiting WDW a lot less frequently for awhile. The past two years have just been a crazy spree of Disney trips anyway, I knew it had to even out eventually. :laugh: I’ve been to Disneyland twice and WDW 5 times in the past two years. :pinch: :pinch:

So, I am kinda undecided. :mellow:


if its only $100 more GET THE PASS!!!


For a $100, I would just get the AP…I cannot see you going over a year without a trip and can see you wishing you bought it later.


I agree too, for the $100, just get the pass!!! :happy:

THEN maybe you guys get away for a short trip before yours expires!

I mean all you would have to do for a little mini trip is buy airline tickets and pay for the Dining plan! :happy:

And CONGRATS on your teen digit dancing!!! :happy: :cool:


I agree, get the pass!