To Annual Pass or Not?


We are considering an Annual Pass but I just don’t know.

Currently we have MYW tickets for Feb. It looks like it is going to work out that we will be returning in October again for MNSSHP. Our daughter her husband and our beautiful granddaughter told us they are planning on going with us. (Our daughter says she and the baby are going no matter what! lol) The baby will be three; I promised her she could go once she was using the potty. I am also trying to talk our son into going too. He is going to college for art and I want him to go see Disney. Don’t know if I will win that one or not but I am trying to get him interested as I would love for him to someday intern at Disney. Of course I think his work is wonderful but he really is amazing at art.

Here are my questions - should we change our MYW tickets to an Annual Pass? Should we do it now or wait until the October trip as we are going back to WDW in Feb of 2007 on an all girl work trip?

In order to get the Disney Dining don’t we still have to buy one day park tickets each time we visit - does this make it worth it - cost wise?

What kind of discounts - if any will be available to us? Room discounts, shopping or food? Will it help us save money with so many trips in the works? I am starting to worry about how we are going to afford all these trips. They will be shorter trips than we have taken so far 5 to 7 days vs. the 9 and 10 day trips we have done but any savings will help greatly!

I am so confused - suggestions please. :confused: :confused:



I am also going to WDW in February and just decided to purchase an annual pass today. We are only staying 4 nights and with the pass I am saving enough money that it pays for itself even if I don’t return again in a year. I believe the key factor is making the room reservation 60 prior and mention you will be purchasing an annual pass. (Also, called Best Rate Plan for annual pass members) You will have to provide a copy of the vocher or pass at check in time. I am staying at Animal Kingdom for annual pass rate of $109- vs. $199/night without. Also, with the annual pass you will be able to purchase the Disney Dining Experience card ($50-)which can save you 20% at most/many sit down meals!!! Check into it!!!


we had the pleasure have having AP’s and they come in very handy. you get discount tickets for MNSSHP, La Nouba, tours, rooms, etc. you also get the Disney Dining Experience card that will save you 20%. they are worth the money. they end up saving you quite a bit. i say go for it. if you guys are going a couple of times in one year, they’re worth having.


We ar also going in Feb. and purchased A.P.s for the trip. We also just bought the Disney Dining experience which we expect will pay for itself aftera couple sit down meals !! I think they are great.


If you have an AP and purchase the DDE card you can save a bundle just on your food. Plus you’d get a discount on your room. I’d be making spread sheets like crazy and figuring out how much I could save.

If you buy the AP and a DDE card for your Feb and Oct trip, you may want to do the MYM tickets with the dining plan for your girls trip (it would simplify the dining as people could break up and dine apart at their leisure if they wanted). In my experience, it’s easier to get family to dine together than it is a group of friends.


I think when we did the math we needed to visit 11 times to come out ahead with our AP’s, not counting the hotel discounts. for us, we’ll be going 4 times in a year’s span, so we will break even & then some. We even upgraded to the AP’s with water parks & Disney Quest & will still end up ahead.