To AP, or not to AP, that is MY question!


So here is what is on my mind, and I need lots of help!

The way it plans out now, we will be doing 2 disney trips within a year of eachother (10 months). Usually, it doesn’t plan out that way, but this time it did, and it has got me thinking…

We are going to WDW 12/8-12/16/06, staying 8 nights at WL. We purchased 9 day park hopper passes.

I am planning our next trip for probably 10/29-11/4/07, or right in there somewhere. Not sure where we are staying yet, but we know we’ll be there in the fall, and for MNSSHP.

The way I figured it out, we pay $268.38 for our 9 day park hopper this time, and $264.12 for a 7 day PH ticket in October.


So I figure, that in and of itself is a savings if we purchased. Then, there is the idea of a room discount on top of that (which in our case, would be at a deluxe this time) which would be around $70-$80 per night.

Then, I have these questions/doubts. First, I would need to make sure that my passes would be purchased now in such a way that they would not expire before our October trip, but my final payment is due on this December’s trip on 10/24. Also, DD will be 4 weeks shy of her 3rd birthday this year, so she wont need a ticket; but, when we go in '07, she will. Also, we are big fans of the dining plan. How do I book that if I have an AP?

SOOOO-all my buddies, HELP! What’s a girl to do? There are so many questions!

Sorry if this seems like a ramble, I’m just thoroughly confused!


I think you should go for the AP’s…as far as I know if you purchase DD’s now you won’t need to worry about any new costs if her birthday falls within the year that they are active. The AP discounts are GREAT!!! To purchase DP with AP’s you just need to add a regular MYW ticket per person…of course Disney likes to change rules so who knows what will come up next year - maybe they will allow AP holders to purchase the DP outright!:happy:


I bought the PAP’s this year for our three trips July-Dec-April. Its
a total of 31 days in the parks, I will get my moneys worth this


If you are going to be there more than 13 days in a year, then they are a good deal. You can also get a discount off of your room rate, and other discounts such as off of select dates for MNSSHP and MVMCP. The perks have come down over the years, but still worth it.


Did you check if there were any AP rates available for your dates? If you do get the AP you can purchase 1 day tickets in order to qualify for the DP and then use that ticket/tickets toward DD’s ticket next year.


A good thing is, if you decide today to purchase your AP’s and your first trip is not until January, lets say, well the AP year does not begin until you activate the Ap’s.

For example, back in June we purchased our Ap’s and our trip is not until mid September. So when we arrive at Disney in Septmber, we go to the ticket window present our AP exchange certificates and they activate our passes, we then have those for one year from the date of activation. Did I explain that ok?


If you get the AP, after your trip you will have those darn tickets hanging around for a year calling you back to WDW. So if you can deal with that go for it!



We went for the APs and were very happy. DW and I figured if were going to do at least 2 trips with in a year to DL it would make sense. We actually ended up taking 5 trips! The added bonus of the discounts that come with the AP are great. With the AP you will be amazed at how many excuses you find for “suddenly” planning a trip!


AP! Absolutely. You definitely will get your money’s worth.


This may be a stupid question, but I noticed that PrincessPooh is not from Florida. We were also considering an AP for our last trip & our next trip,also. However, someone on this site thought that I might not be able to get them. Can you buy them before you arrive just to make sure you have park passes? I’m an organizing nut & wouldn’t be able to wait until last minute to know what kind of pass I’ll be holding. We are from Canada, do you all think we can get an AP?:blush:


I think its as simple as going to and buying them.
We get the Premuim Annual Passes because of the add on for the
waterparks and DisneyQuest. I get them at my home resort SOG
and save a bit with my military ID, I would just read about your
options and go from there.


Got for it.

One of the major benefits I see is being able to go to a park for a few hours without thinking this is costing me a full day off my pass.


OK, I went to the website, & couldn’t seem to find out anything. There was this “passholders” section, but you need to put in your florida Zip code, so I could not get anywhere. I know other people are doing this, how can I??
Or am I not supposed to be able to do it? If anyone can tell me if this is REALLY an option, I would appreciate it.


OK, hold on a little bit. First, I believe for 2007 the rules about the DP have changed, & you have to buy at least a 3 day pass to qualify for the package.
Second, you can’t just purchase the DP, unless you are in the DVC. That only comes included in a magic your way package, & you can’t use the AP room discount with a package.
Now, we bought AP’s last September & they will expire at the end of our upcoming trip, our third in the span of our AP’s. For the price of tickets alone, we made our money back. However, looking back at the amount we spent on food, airfare, & hotel, it’s painful.
I’d say do the AP’s & forget the DP. Our kids, 3 & 4, when asked, would rather spend the time running around in the parks going on rides then waiting for a seat & eating in a nice restaurant.
If you still plan on doing sit-down meals, think about purchasing the DDE card for $60. 20% off most sit-down restaurants, including character meals.


FYI, as of 3:45p CT Sunday, no rooms available at Ap rate for the length of your stay at WL. Closest match was Ft. Wilderness cabin at $1500.


You also get a discount for AP if you are a DVC member.


I just bought my AP because I got a room rate of $59 per night for Christmas week at Pop Century starting December 21st!!!


THAT’S a great rate! I got a rate even lower than that for ASSp a few years ago, but for Value Season the first week of December. You got an EXCELLENT rate!!! :happy:


I did look into this, but there were two downers.

  1. No AP discount available at WL the week we’re going…no surprise, every discount out has blacked out WL.

  2. The CM told me if I did switch to say, Poly, and I booked the AP discount, I would not be able to purchase the dining plan in any way, not even to add on a one day ticket.

We are big dining plan lovers, so that was a big one. I could suckered myself into staying at the Poly (ha, ha), but I’m not willing to give up my dining plan.


Many times lately, I’ve been getting AAA discounts and Florida resident rates on rooms even after the AP discounts are gone. Also, as a Florida resident, if you can prove it, brings it’s own discount on the cost of your AP. Finally, remember, your renewal will cost less than the first year, but will run from your anniversary date of the current AP.