To avoid crowds-go with EMH or against?


We are going December 12th-19th and I’m wondering if it’s helpful to plan our days opposite of EMH? We do not have park hoppers so we can only go to one park per day.

Last year we went to parks that did not have EMH and the parks did not seem crowded, but of course it could’ve been that way at the EMH park too!

Just wondering if anyone has strong feelings regarding EMH and how it affects crowd levels. Thanks!


This is not scientific, but I’ve found that the parks on non-EMH days are less crowded. I always plan our trips to avoid EMH parks. Who wants to get up an hour earlier on vacash anyway?


IMHO and according to the UG, early-entry parks are generally to be avoided. Both times we’ve done early entry at MK, the park was packed to the gills all day (talking about summer, in off-season probably doesn’t matter).

One exception, however, is to hit the EMH (morning) park, hit the big attractions and get out of there by ten or so.

Also, I’m not sure morning EMH has a very big effect on Epcot because the park is so big, but someone else might answer that better than me.


I have vowed to never do HS on an EMH night…it is a zoo! Twice as crowded as normal…and Fantasmic, forget it! Whole stadium was standing room only by 8:15. TSM had no Fastpasses and standby was over an hour! In Sept.! We have planned on avoiding it this trip…actually I think we got a tip to go the day BEFORE a park has EMH Night at least…

Oh, well, I lie. I have never before done EMH at AK, but have always wanted to…but even open till 8, other parks are still open, so I am hoping the crowds won’t be bad. But I saw pictures of EE with the sun down and I REALLY want to go…so we are doing EMH for evening in AK on our trip.

MK is probably more crowded, too, but in Sept it is the preschoolers, so it has not bothered us. Don’t have a good feel for Epcot.


We ALWAYS avoid EMH. It is my biggest tip for any Disney-goer. The parks are way less busy on Non-EMH days and we love to avoid crowds. Also, being that our children are young, we couldn’t take advantage of an evening EMH anyway…maybe one day we’ll change our mind when our kids are teenagers and can outlast us as a park!


Only morning EMH park we like to do is AK. Animals seem more active in the a.m. + we leave immediately after the parade for another park so that gives us a chance to get all done. Other parks we go at opening unless we have an early am b’fast ressie. Retrack, did EP’s once. Couldn’t tell a difference so we enjoyed that extra hour of sleep thereafter. Never done pm EMH, always been too pooped. Next month will be our first and it’ll be EP.


That’s interesting. We have a chance to do AK this trip on a morning EMH and I switched it with HS to avoid (really having to get up early). I’m wondering if seeing the more active critters might be worth getting up.


I have heard go and no go and when we have gone in early it didn’t seem to matter. We may have been lucky each time but the way I look at it were at Disney all is OK with the world :mickey::smile:


I always use EMH in the mornings and now avoid the evening ones. You are able to get more done in that one hour in the morning than at any time of day. That’s at least how it’s worked out for me every trip. My best touring is done during EMH. I stay at that park until 1pm or so and head back to the resort a break after. Our nights are spent doing whatever we want. It’s commando in the morning and laid back at night…works great as we avoid the masses, get everything done that we want to and still have plenty of relaxation so it’s a vacation and not a vacation you need a vacation from afterward.:laugh:


We hit the EMH park in the mornings and then hop to another park when it starts to get crowded. Sometimes we go towards the end of evening EMH when most of the crowds have left, but we usually don’t bother with them because we are just too tired. I like to relax or shop more in the evenings so that I am ready for morning EMH.


You tour like me and Sara do. It works out perfectly no matter what time of year you go. I will not be attending the EMH in the evenings ever again…they have been horrible the last two trips. People are more willing to stay up late rather then get up early on vacation.


If you can’t hop, mornings are out.
Evenings will be mixed bags, but again, if you can’t hop in late, it might be best to call it an early night.


Our strategy is this: Get in - Get on - Get out.

In other words, we go to the park with EMH and are standing there for the rope drop. Go directly to the 3 or 4 attractions we want to hit, and then park-hop to a non-EMH park by noon.

Has worked well for us.


[QUOTE=Big Al;989278]Our strategy is this: Get in - Get on - Get out.


Love it…I live by this stategy. Relaxing and slow pace is for the evening…lol


We’ve found the same. If you get out early, the point is moot. ANd we love getting there early. We’ve done MK at 7AM when it is still dark. Fun to watch the sun come up and the park lights go out. :eek:


We avoid parks on the EMH all together!!!


We will hit AK on night EMH. As much as I love to close MK on EMH, AK at night is REALLY romantic with your certain someone. DW and I just stroll around and relax as it is so peaceful. We will take a long stroll around the park and run into CM’s who love to talk, and spend time to play jokes and entertain the family. Most has been spur of the moment. It is another side of the Disney magic many forget or just miss by accident. As to morning EMH we avoid the park with a passion.


Thanks everyone for your input. So to sum up no park hoppers = avoid EMH park. :laugh:

I did switch things around to avoid EMH. We will probably have to go to MK on a day they have evening EMH if we want to see Spectro/Wishes, but other than that I think I have it worked out.


[QUOTE=Big Al;989278]Our strategy is this: Get in - Get on - Get out.

In other words, we go to the park with EMH and are standing there for the rope drop. Go directly to the 3 or 4 attractions we want to hit, and then park-hop to a non-EMH park by noon.

Has worked well for us.[/QUOTE]

Right, but this doesn’t work for people who don’t want to get park hoppers, like Debra.

By the way Debra, there are many times we’ve done evening EMH in MK and the lines really drop off rapidly during the second and third hours. Usually, only the first hour after official close is rough. Even Dumbo and Peter Pan become manageable during the third hour.


I prefer to avoid EMH to avoid the crowds, but sometimes we go for morning EMH if that’s how our schedule works out. When we do that it works well as long as we park hop to a non=EMH park when the first park starts to get really busy. Evening EMH parks are good to avoid as often they flooded with resort guests coming from other parks to take advantage of the later hours, at least within my experience.