To become DVC members or not


We are considering becoming DVC members, we received the literature and have read through it all. The basic membership is where we would start, 150 pts. per year. It seems that you would have to save points for several years to use your points on a cruise or in another country. How often does the annual dues go up? Any experience? We would have to finance, anyone done this before?

As always thanks in advance for all your help!

I would love to hear your comments, feedback, experiences with this subject.

The Kigers


Hello! We dealt with this same battle for 2 years and finally decided to buy this past January. Let me just say we haven’t regretted it for a SECOND and love just about everything about it. We have 160 points at SSR. Let me clarify on the points saving, many of the cruises ARE a lot of points and if you had the minimum 150 package you probably would have to borrow or save to cover that whole trip in points. Although, when you want to use it anywhere else in the world a week at ANY of the interval exchange locations is only 150 points per week. So in essence you CAN visit places like Las Vegas, England, Paris, etc… for your 150 points.

The deciding factor for us was when we calculated how much we spent on FOUR week long Disney trips between the years of '02-'05 and THAT ALONE could have COMPLETELY COVERED the full package price of our 160 points!!! I decided we couldn’t waste one more moment on being non-members.

We did finace it which I was HEAVILY against, main reason for battling it for 2 years. Although, we pay triple our minimum amount due every month so it can be paid off, hopefully within 2-3 years.

There are ALOT of factors to consider but I will just say that it really DOES change the way you vacation in WDW, for the better in my opinion. Also for us it really has opened up the possibility for more world travel, only having to worry about airline and spending money. We are even thinking about using points for Tokyo next spring or possibly Vegas.