To buy AP or not to buy AP...that is my question


Hi all,

Just bought into DVC and am pondering the AP discount. At what point to you think it’s worth it. I’m going for 4 nights in Sept (1-2 will be at MNSSHP), then probably again for 4 nights in Feb (hopefully a PPP on 1 night) and then again in August (if I can figure out when I actually get to use my AKL DVC points). I’ve heard it was about 10 days for the non DVC AP where you broke even but are the perks of having an AP and getting the DDE card worth it?



Hey! We’ve maintained our annual passes ever since joining DVC. It is SOOOO worth it. I figured in the past that it was worth it if you we’re going at least 10-12 days per year, which it sounds like you are. There are some great benefits besides just “breaking even” moneywise after a certain amount of days. You get additional retail & dining discounts, actually at most DtD stores your annual pass gets you a better discount than your DVC card. There are also special pin releases and special limited edition pins for annual pass members only, you’ll get the special magazine for annual pass holders only, party ticket discounts, etc.

ESPECIALLY with the DVC discount on annual passes it’s SO worth it. :smile:

Can you believe I forgot to renew mine when I got home from my solo trip? :pinch: I got so busy with back to school and other stuff that I TOTALLY forgot. So mine has actually expired by a couple weeks now. I better call.


Oh, I totally forgot about all the AP deals…particularly the pins and since I’ll be going to MNSSHP, I can get the special ones there too (missed out on the PPP when I went). Good deal!


Zefyr, the DDE is really going to pay off for us, since you can order anything (doesn’t have to be dessert like on the DDP) and you also get the discount on liquor.


I agree, we save a lot with the DDE card. We had 8 people in our group so we got our $65 dollars back in a couple of days.


Oh zefyr, I just found out that if you have the DDE, it also applies to special order cakes! NICE!


Well, for the sake of the comparison, I’ll use each of your two 4-night trips as 4-days of tickets for the parks. 5-day tickets would be slightly higher.

If you bought two 4-day MYW base tickets, the adult cost would be about $233 each trip, for a total near $466 for each adult.

An 8-day MYW base ticket with no expiration would be $400.

The DVC member price for APs is $393. It would include park hopping, which the other numbers I used did not, but park hopping would raise those tickets even higher.

I would say, unless you qualify for one of the other discounts {FL resident, military}, that an AP would be the way to go. As already mentioned, you would get some dining/shopping discounts just for having the AP, and it would allow you to get the DDE card for $60. You would need to look at the DDE discounts to figure out if you would get $60 worth out of it.

We did APs this year for the first time since we had two trips planned with a total of 12 days of parks, and then decided to move another trip next year earlier so it would still fall under the time our APs were valid to help reduce costs!!!


For us it would only be good is we went more then twice a year.


I say get both the AP and the DDE. I have both and I love the flexibility, especially knowing I can go to Disney tomorrow if I wanted to and I wouldn’t have to buy a ticket!!!


We opt for the annual passes if we have 2 trips planned for a year.
This year we will get 4 trips out of our passes - a huge savings…

Of course, we wouldn’t be going so much if we didn’t buy the AP’s - so in the long run, maybe it costs more money…LOL!! At least we get lots of trips to Disney out of it!!!


Another thing to consider is like the first and last day on a trip. If you leave at 1PM you won’t want to use a full day on a pass you pay for but with the AP heck yeah you’re going.

On my last trip I did EMH morning at HS and we did Toy Story twice, and hit all of the biggies in half a day.


I think we are going to get them on this upcoming trip. We know we’re going to be there more than once a year, so it makes sense.

I think we are getting the premium passes, since we love the waterparks as much as the parks themselves.