To buy or not too buy


DH and I are thinking about buying annual passholders for the 4 of us. We live 4 hrs away, is it worth it just to save on hotels?


Well, living only four hours away i would have to think it’s worth it. We lived four hours south of WDW before we moved to NJ and when we finally bought annual passes we were so thankful. We ended up going on more short little Disney trips throughout the year and LOVED having them. When visitors would come we’d take them, etc… it was GREAT!


I was just about to post the same thing!!! Is it worth it for 3 of us that live in NJ? I was only looking to use maybe 2 times in that year.


Just look at how often you think you’ll go and decide from there!


Well Tink, before I joined DVC I was pricing out the 8-day Magic Your Way passes for August and the price for an annual pass, WITH the DVC discount was just a LITTLE more. So, for us even if we just use it for one big trip then a few short ones it’s TOTALLY worth it.


Could u PM me info on the DVC. I really know nothing about it and interestd to see what it is all about. Thank You :heart:


Annual passes are really great to have. I’d say go for it. They’re worth it for the hotel discounts, yes, but they’re also worth it if you plan on visiting more than 10 days during the year. Also, if you’re anything like me, you’ll find that having an AP in your pocket and knowing that you can go to WDW every day makes your visits a bit more frequent. :slight_smile:


Well with DVC discount it was a no brainer for us. Bought in August last year, stayed 10 days, planned on July visit this year for 10 days, so they have already paid for themselves, and anm now doing a daddy daughter trip in April to get the most we can out of passes!!!


YOu’ll break even on the passes if you go to the parks more than 5 days, right? So, if you plan on entering any of the four parks more than 5 times in the next year - go for it!


Oh! I forgot that the new passes get cheaper, the longer you stay - so my comparision prolly isn’t right!

Just ignore me, people! Nothing to see here!


On they compare the number of days you have to go to recieve benfits… I think 10 days in a year and you get your money’s worth!


Erin, it’s 5 days for the FL resident seasonal pass.

As the others have said, for non-residents I think the “break-even” point is 10 days within the year.


5 days for FLA resident, 10 days for AP regular, 8 days for DVC member


The annual pass discounts may also have an impact depending on whether or not you get a Disney Dining Card and eat at the restaraunts alot!


Good point! All the other discounts/benefits are over and above the money you save on park passes! It’s a no brainer if you ask me! :biggrin:


Too follow up on what i just said… Annual Passholders can purchase a Disney Dining card and recieve 20 % off Food and Beverage for up to 10 people at their table at most Disney Restaurants… allearsnet has the list… but anyways its 60 bucks and only available to AP holders and Flordia residents and the cost is easily recouped, somtimes on one meal alone, meaning that all the other discounts on food can go to help pay down the Annual Pass making it very cheap in the long run… o yea and you get 20 % of alcohol too!


We are getting our first AP and we live in Indiana. We just purchaed a DVC so we will be going “home” twice a year now and the way I have it figured, I can get three trips out of this first AP! I’m happy! :happy: If I was four hours away I would get one, and then I would start figuring out just how many days I could sneak over to WDW! :mickey:


Thanks for all your opinions. Will have to send this thread to DH now. :smiley: