To Croc or not to croc?


I know this has been discussed, but I just did a search and didn’t find exactly what I was looking for. I have started my packing and I just don’t know what shoe to bring. First, I am a flip flop girl and I HATE wearing tennis shoes. I don’t own a pair of crocs but I am really interested in some of the newer styles (Wishy, I know you can help me here).

I am thinking about getting a pair (definitely the styles that are easier on the eyes- alice or celeste). I am worried about blisters (I have heard mixed reviews). Did I read in a post that it is recommended to wear nude footies with these shoes? I am planning on getting a pair this weekend to “break in” before our trip. I read about the other recommended flip flops, but I am really mostly interested in the croc option.

All advice on crocs (good and bad) would be greatly appreciated.


Take this advice" buy the crocs and wear them on long walks before taking them to WDW. Just becasue they work for everyone, doesn’t mean they will work for you. I had a pair that I thought were ok…that was until I hit Epcot in them and got bleeding blisters. If you are a flip-flop girl, stick with it…trying out new kinds of shoes at WDW is usually a disaster in the making.


Oh no, not the nude footies!! I think they would make the crocs even more slippery than they already are.

I think you should try them and see how you like them first. You will be on your feet A LOT at Disney, make sure you are comfortable in your footwear. We all love our crocs in our family, (except DH, but he is really squidward in disguise anyway, so he doesn’t like anything) and we have no complaints.

I do tend to switch off with my crocs though, one day crocs, one day sneakers. It helps.


The thought of wearing footies with those makes me cringe:laugh: :laugh: It brings back the birkenstocks with socks thing…NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!:eek:


I will definitely be bringing my flops (I can’t leave home without them:wub: )…I just worry because the have absolutely NO support. I wear them ALL THE TIME so I am sure I will be fine…I just thought I would try the crocs for a bit of support.


If you wear them all the time, your feet are used to the no support. I tried to get fancy this trip and try all sorts of foot wear…I should just wore my stupid sneakers like I wanted to…I need my nike airmaxes!


I know you are right…so why do I want to make a new purchase so bad!!!:blink:


how about the croc flip flops??


OK, here’s my take, and I have the most sensitive feet on the face of the earth. :laugh:

The Caymans are a ‘no go’ for me. If you don’t like tennis shoes chances are you are like me & won’t like not having foot freedom. :tongue: I also HATE the little black piece that are on many Crocs, they rub the skin of my foot and I just loath them.

I wear ‘socklets’ with the maryjanes, Prima ballet flats, & my Celeste’s. I HATE the feeling of my bare feet touching ANY shoe. I have worn socklets with these styles ALL day in Disney parks and NEVER felt them being slippery at all. If you buy the right socklets nobody will be able to see them either. Ask Jen or Val, I wore socklets with my Crocs the whole time on Girl Trip and I don’t think they noticed unless I said something.

The Prima ballet flat & the Celeste don’t really have any parts that would ‘rub’ your skin to give you blisters. I would suggest one of those styles, or the new “Audrey” style sold exclusively at Hallmark.

This is the Prima “Ballet Flat:”

Here is the canvas Celeste:

The Halmark “Audrey”

Also, if you prefer a more ‘sandaly’ style I would suggest the Athens or the Ithaca. Both styles lack that little black piece that often rubs or causes blisters.

I agree with Dana too that ANY shoe you plan on wearing in WDW should be tested around the 'hood before you pack :smile:



That’s it, I am posting pictures.


Thanks wishy:blush:


I loved wearing my disney crocs in the park on Halloween night I wore the mary janes and well it was the first time I wore them ever so I was a little sore that night but I went and wore my disney crocs again and was fine ( I also had my cleos and my capris with me ( I am a crocs addict and have all styles at night when we went to dinner and DTD I wore the capris and cleos … I had no sneakers with me and did not get any blisters at all …


I think any socks with sandals are just wrong anyway,(sorry Wish!) and I hate flip flops too. I can not stand to have that thing between my toes! I never ever felt the black thing on my crocs, had to go look and see if it was there or not.


OK, is it just me? I do not consider the maryjane or the prima ballet flats sandals.

I am telling you you DON’T SEE THE SOCKLETS AT ALL.


I like my crocs…I used to wear them to work at the Doctors office but I have never worn them at WDW…for some reason mine looked horrific with shorts…but I had those big clunky clog thingys.
I am a flip flop girl as well…and Crocs does make some flip flops…they look super comfy. My next croc purchase will be the Mary Jane type ones…they are less clunky and will probably look better on me with shorts than the others.
I loved my crocs when I wore them to work…like walking on air!


Yes, it is just you.:tongue: :laugh:

No, you are quite right, they really aren’t sandals. You could definitely wear socks with those.


I have a confession to make, I think the crocs do look horrific with shorts, but I don’t care, since I don’t really look at my legs/shorts/feet while I am at Disney.

You know, Bath and Body works had flip flops that were actually supposed to be good for your feet. I was almost tempted to try them.


After doing 1 trip with the Caymans and another with the Cleos - I highly recommend the Cleo’s. You don’t feel like you’re clunking around in big shoes and the pink/brown combo is so nice. I never had any blisters or sore feet problems!


i wore my cleos just about every day at wdw - i wore tennis shoes once i think. I didn’t have any trouble at all - no blisters ever! i did have sore feet one day at the end of the trip, but i think that was mainly from being at WDW for 8 days!

I wear socks with my maryjanes - i think it looks cute actually! i really want to try to other kinds (can’t do caymans tho, just too bulky for me).

I am a shoe snob. if I am not in crocs, I am in birkenstocks. I have awful feet, and can’t wear flip flops, or any cheap shoes what so ever. I am extremely happy with my crocs - i prefer them over my birks most days actually!


I agree I perfer my crocs over my birks especially at Disney I used to wear them at the parks but got blisters crocs dont give me blisters at all