To Do or Not to do!? THAT is the question!


My DH and I are on the fence about this whole Dining plan thing. It sounds like such a great deal, BUT- the one thing I’m not crazy about is being tied down to such a strict schedule! If we make all these ADRs and then get there and the crowds are heavy or weather issues or whatever, then who knows if we may change our park for the day. So, here’s the deal- IF there was no dining plan then we may only schedule 2, maybe, 3 characters/sitdown meals and depend on CS for the rest. This seems to work fine for us because we are not huge eaters and we like the flexibility. So, here’s my question- if we were to NOT do the plan what would the average cost of a TS be? We were looking at WCC, 1900 Park Fare and maybe the breakfast at AK. For those of you who have done these what is a typical price range? There are 5 of us, but I usually split with one of my children because we can’t possibly eat 5 separate meals- so I guess, technically, it would be 4 people.
With the plan, that certainly gives us the chance to experience TS that we never would otherwise.
Opnions PLEASE!!! :flowers: Thanks! :heart:


They usually run us 80 dollars PLUS the tip, with me splitting with one of my children.


Oh! You can go to and check out the dining section - it has the prices listed, too - so you can try to figure out what you want - and average your prices!

I am not ashamed to admit that I do this for fun, sometimes!


I am always voting for dining plan! Hey you are on vacation eat like the king/queen you deserve to be.


I’m with Erin- you need to go to and do the math to see if it’s worth it for you. And when you do that, remember that drinks are included under the DP, and… and this is what really contributes to the bottom line… tip is included in the dining plan. So when you’re adding up the prices on allears, don’t forget to add on the cost of drinks and tax, as well as adding on that 20% tip (or whatever you normally tip).

I did the math, and over 8 days, it cost us $50 more for the Dining Plan than it would have cost us eating moderately, a few more CS than TS, but certainly not depriving ourselves. We decided that since the DP also gave us snacks, AND the opportunity to eat in really nice places, that the DP was the way to go.

We also loved the freedom from worrying about the price of things. It was pre-paid, it was done, and there’s no stress involved when that $100 dining bill comes to your table.


I felt the same way about being tried down…so I pasted on this last trip…but it is still on my mind.:smile:


That’s funny! I forgot about the prices being listed! Now, I’m going to have a looksy and “plan” meals! Thanks! :heart:


I agree-it’s all pre-planned and takes away the worries! That’s why it’s so hard! Iknow it shouldn’t be! I like that idea of the prepaid and all. I just am having a hard time with all the scheduling, I guess!


Have you done it before then? Did you feel tied down other times- or was it easy to adjust?


The only suggestion I could make would be to schedule your evening park around an ADR that you really want.
This works well for us and has never been a problem. And it’s easy to hop out of that park to another if it’s too crowded, even after your ADR.

I will say, the DP is really only worth it if you do have a nice sit down meal once per day. If you do that, the lunches and snacks become a bonus.

Good luck with your decision.


I think the plan is DEFINATELY worth it. When are you going exactly? During the slow times it may still be possible to get away with NOT having a lot of ADRs to tie you down. Or, you could always make several ADRs on the same night then cancel ones that you aren’t going to use once you decide.


For me, this answers the whole question. If you’re not big eaters and like being fliexible with where, when, and what you eat - stick with your normal routine.
DP is a great option, but that’s a lot of food, especially for people who aren’t big eaters.


Novemberish! The weekend before through the week of Thanksgiving.


I know-it sounds like I already answered my own question! :wink: I guess we will have to take a look at the menus and see what they have to offer! I do like the idea of already being prepaid! That won’t stress my Dh too much! :heart:


I’m with queensmama, since my fam and I love to eat.

We do a sit down almost every day of our trip so it would be worth it to us. Yeah if wdw would offer cm’s a DP, I for sure would love to try it!
Still if you don’t eat too much just pay for what you want and don’t feel you have to eat to get your moneys worth.
Also take a look at the menus and get an idea, if you’re only going to do some burgers in the parks for lunch and/or dinner why pay so much for the dining plan?? If you’ve decided to go all out and eat a cs during lunch and then TS at dinner then yes do the plan.


We love the dining plan. We did a lot more park hopping this trip but getting to our dinners was never a problem. I also love knowing that everything is paid for, one less worry. We are taking our daughter and her husband and our 3yr old grandaughter with us this next trip. I had them go to allears and compare prices vs. the dining plan and they have decided they are going to do it too. :mickey: