To order a cake number


Does anyone have the number I call to order a birthday cake for dinner? I called the Ca grill - who gave me 407-824-3500. No one answers.

Anyone have one?



All Cakes are either Chocolate or Vanilla and come with personalization. If you want to add a character there is an additional $30.00 charge. Cakes should be ordered, other than the 6" cake, 24-48 hours in advance by calling (407) 824-2165.

[I]Make arrangements for a birthday cake. 6" cakes are $12.50 and you do not need to pre-order. Just ask the server when you arrive at the restaurant.

Pre-Ordered Cakes;
8" Cakes - $25.00
10" - Cakes $40.00
1/4 Sheet Cake - $55.00
1/2 Sheet Cake - $80.00
Whole Sheet Cake - $120.00[/I]


Tell everyone about the birthday, from the restaurant staff to the resort. You never know what kind of birthday magic will come your way.

If you are staying at a Disney Resort press “O” and ask for the special birthday message.

Stop by City Hall on Main Street USA at the Magic Kingdom and pick up a free birthday button. The response throughout the day can be fun – along with the recognition.

Consider calling ahead to make arrangements for a gift basket, balloons or flowers. Walt Disney World Florist has some wonderful offerings at a reasonable price. Call; 1-407-827-3505.


Hmmm . . . The hopeless romantic motors are turning . . . ::must get cake for anniversary dinner:::


That’s cause they have caller ID…they know it’s you! :tongue:

R2G…I don’t think you gave him enough helpful information…I’m sure you missed something :wink:


Because it is your Birthday Pepperstink, I will not respond to your rather rude remark. My buddy R2G is a fountain of superfluous information, thank you very much.


Cool…I gotta come up with more stuff if I’m able to get away with it today!

Yes Boss…that is what I was saying…a veritable font of information!


Ok we’re back here with the cake thread.

I got through today and ordered a big’un. I figure with what is left over we can … FOOD FIGHT!


Pictures and Video Please :wink:


If I can go,I’ll bring my video camera and send it in to America’s Funniest Home Videos!!!


We’ll need the money for bail …


I want to order a nice fancy one like they showed on Food Network with the silver stamping? Does this same phone number offer those cakes or the run of the mill gorcery type variety?


They are customized to your request. We went through about 1 gazillion options.


SUHWEET! I’ll have to call when I get back from lunch! WOOHOO FANCY SHMANCY CAKE FOR CRT DINNER!


Schmancy may be a bit much, dude. Calm down.



Hey Boss! I had a cake delivered to dinner at Cali Grill and once at Spoodles. In the case of Cali Grill I had to deal with them directly and they took my “bakery order.” It was beautiful and VERY yummy. They also did not answer often when I called but they called me back promptly when I left a message.



Hey that number is only for cakes to be made at the Poly! I got the number for the head chef at Liberty Tree and CRT though. I had to leave a message I will keep you all posted.



Try 1-800-get-cake.

WAIT - Better not I just made that up.


MAN! You can’t get one of those fancy Food Network looking cakes!!! I don’t want an everyday cake I want gourmet goods!

I wonder if I keep rooting around and looking for a solution I can get what I am looking for!? The worst they can do is say no right? Pfffff thousands of dollars later “No” isn’t a thing at all! Time to get to dialing.


I can’t wait to find out how this cake saga ends!!!


It ends up in a pie fight. but don’t tell Laneysdad - I’m going for a surprise strike.