To quote Lawrence Welk, “Wunderful, wunderful,wunderful”,… Jo-jo’s TR


Cast me-52
DH -63

I did not write anything day by day, but I’m trying to remember based on what room charges we did each day.

Sept.15. Alarm goes off at 3:30. After packing my suitcase of food (and listening to DH laughing:glare:) we are out the door by 4:30. No problems driving down, get to the parking place by 5 ish and the airport a few min later. Southwest was on time. Plane was mostly filled but not quite so DH and I could sit A and C. I waited until the doors closed before moving over. No problems on flight. Got to Orlando about 9 ish.

Waited in line at ME for maybe 15 min. Because I had all the paper work ready to go, I think the agent figured this wasn’t our first trip. She just rattled out all the details without stopping and I just kept nodding. I don’t think I was at the ME desk for more than a min. Then off to the lines. There were a few people ahead of us, so we thought “good, we didn’t just miss a bus”. But I guess we did, cause we stood for another 15 mins and sat for maybe 15 min on the bus. Our bus driver was funny. As we headed out, he states “we are approaching the scariest ride in Orlando”. “ Moving thru traffic, as cars are speeding, while on the cell phone, as they yell at kids, trying to figure out where to go.” :eek: Then he starts “we have three stops to make, who ever gets the most right answers, their stop will be first” He then asks a bunch of questions but kept saying “well, we would have stopped at CBR first but the guy in the red sox hat got the wrong answer. It was always that guys fault. So somewhere along the way, he says “boardwalk is first” and I went “YES”. But he was lying, CBR was first.

So we get to the BWV at about 11 ish. I was not greeted in any special way. Not that it was bad, but some people have mentioned being noticed that they were DVC or something. I did notice our ME tags stated DVC, so I was wondering, but nothing extra happened. Ok, so we checked in. Of course our room was not ready, so we went to Epcot. It was very empty. At 2 ish, the fast passes for Soaring was for 3-4 pm. I was surprised there was any left at all. So we did several rides and then heading over to Mexico for our 4:30 dinner. We were a bit early so we looked at the menu. It had changed from April. It didn’t have anything we wanted to try, so we cancelled our ADR. We were very disappointed.:frown: We went outside and ate at the CS. It too was empty. We had gotten a combination thing but it was cold, so I brought them back. I know CS it not fine dining, but when I brought them back (and there was no one in line) there was 6 more boxes waiting on the counter. I mean how long do they think these things keep warm? So we got fresh meals, ate and moved on.
We left Epcot about 7ish and stopped a the market on the boardwalk for OJ, eggs, Half- half (for coffee) and soda. The eggs were cheaper than what we pay at home. SHHH don’t tell Disney. In my suitcase of food, I had whole wheat wraps, cheese, precooked bacon, roast beef (deli style),cream cheese, butter and bagels in a cooler with a gel pack. I had frozen all of the above so between the freezer pack and the insulating cooler, all was fine. I also had coffee (those filter packs), crystal light, cookies, lifesavers candy, jar of almonds and the sandwich maker. I mentioned how my DH laughed at my suitcase of food. He wasn’t laughing the next morning when we were eating the egg, bacon, and cheese wraps 15 mins after getting up. A few morning we had just eggs and bacon on a plate with bagels. We ate more eggs this week than in a month at home. By the way , I used the roast beef to make wraps for the way home. As we were leaving our room, I packed them in the cooler with the frozen gel pack in a suitcase and took them out at the airport.

Our room was on the fourth floor overlooking the front of the hotel. You could only see a few fireworks from our room. I was hoping for more. Oh well. So we start to unpack……wait . let me change that……I start to unpack. DH checks out the bed. I tried to open the drawers and they are jammed. One is off it’s track or something. So we get maintenance up to fix it. The guy is there at least half an hour. My DH and I wonder if we should tip him. I mean the drawers should have worked before we got there, but we ended up giving him a few dollars anyway. We finish unpacking and off to bed. Tomorrow is early morning at Epcot. Day 1 is done.

Day 2….After our fabulous breakfast, we get ready to head out. I had put some water bottles in the freezer and also brought from home those “to go” cups. The plan was to fill the cup with OJ and ice to drink on the way to the parks and then the frozen water bottle would be for later. That plan worked well. By the time we walked to a park or waited for a bus, we wanted something to drink. As soon as we entered the parks we ditched the cup and just had the bottle clipped onto a belt loop.

So we enter Epcot 8 am. Everybody heads to Soaring. Fast pass is for 9:15 ish, so we went on the ride, then headed over to test track, MS and Ellen. Worked out way back to test track, got a fast pass, than back to Soaring, listen to the land, imagination. We then used our fast pass for test track and by then it was time to head out.

At 12:30 I was going to meet Dixie.:happy: We were meeting at the BC. Got a drink/snack and talked for almost 2 hours. Her DH and DD stopped by said hello and went to get a table at beaches and cream for their lunch. Before we knew it, it was past the time Dixie was suppose to meet her family. So I walked her over and we did hugs , goodbyes and well wishes. Before her DH asked her if she was worried about meeting me. She said Noooooo. I didn’t tell her, (but I’m guessing she will be reading this, so the secret is out) I was worried what if her accent was strong and I couldn’t understand her. But all was well, I really enjoyed meeting her and it really felt like we were meeting up like old friends.:wub:

After I left Dixie, I went back into the lobby of BC and saw Art. I told him how I was glad he was doing well, after his illness last yr. So we talked for a bit and I left. But then I had a strong urge to go back and pray with him. I went back and said I didn’t want to get him in trouble but I wanted to pray with him. He said “that’s quite alright”, and removed his hat. I prayed for he and his wife for continued good health. It only took a min or two, but I’m glad I did. Between Dixie and Art I left the BC feeling very very good.

So I get back to our room about 3 or so. DH had got back right from Epcot to nap. I was expecting to see him sleeping but he is sitting outside reading a book. He did rest for a bit before hand. So we leave our room about 4 for our 5:15 ADR at ohana. We took the bus to MK and then hopped the monorail. I don’t remember the timing but it wasn’t very long of a wait so I’m guessing less than 15. We had a table right on the main drag where they do the dances and stuff. At one point we had a few kids under our table trying to retrieve runaway coconuts, but we thought it was funny, not annoying. The food was great. Our one server was ok. It seemed like she was annoyed that she was working. The table next to had asked for pineapple and the caramel sauce. The server said “we don’t do that anymore, but I’ll get you some” I guess the people were surprised it had changed. So she repeats (sounding really ticked off) “I told you, I would get you some”. The other server (cliff) was so much better. We really enjoyed the meal. So the check came, and we left the 18 % with the DDE (DDE is so much shorter to type, than tables in wonderland). But I felt Cliff deserved something more. So as we got up, he thanked us for coming and I told him I don’t know how tips are divided up, but you deserve more, so I slipped him some cash.

We took the monorail back to Epcot. Rode SSE and stopped by Nemo. Went on the ride and spent some time looking at the fish. At 8 ish at night there was nobody there. It was very enjoyable. I think we watched the fireworks from the bridge and then headed home. Day 2 is done.

Day 3

After a wonderful home cooked breakfast, we walked to DHS. Got there about 15 min before the gates opened. After they let you thru the gates, they had a opening ceremony thing and then 99.9% of the people went toward toy story. We got fast passes for 9 ish and then went back to little mermaid. Did great movie ride and then back to toy story. Got fast passes for 2 ish. We did the ride for the first time. My DH felt the fast pass line wasn’t fast enough, I said look over there. At spots you could see how the standby line went all over the place. So we did the ride and not to brag, but I won. When we came back later, I won. Later in the week we rode it two more times, annnnnnndddddd I won. Did I mention I won??? It’s a cute ride, but I’m so zoned in on the game, the rest of the walls could be blank and I wouldn’t notice. The first time I was taken back as a few times we spun around rather quickly. We saw Beauty and the Beast, but first Four for a dollar. Sure wish they weren’t leaving. I really enjoy the group. Beauty was nice too. I love the bright colors. I know we also did star tours, muppets and maybe a few repeats. We left DHS about 3 ish. There was a boat by the dock so we took the boat back to the BW. I think my DH went for a quick dip in the pool. By quick I mean 15 mins. That’s all he wants. Takes longer to get changed than he swims. Anyway, after this we go get a pizza from the boardwalk pizza. Go back to the room, eat, and just make it a early night. DH was getting a cold and it was starting to drag him down. Besides tomorrow it’s EMH at MK, so we need a early start. End of day 3


Day 4

Breakfast in room, head over to MK about 7:20. Hit most rides in fantasy land, then go for Buzz. I won. Things get a bit fuzzy. I’m sure we did other rides, just can’t remember what. About noonish we leave and go over to the VWL. We hang out in the DVC lobby for an hour or so. Then wander over to the main lodge and hang out for a while. We leave for our early dinner at trails end, but we were waaaayyyyyy to early. So we took an extra spin around the lake on the boat. Still got to trails end about 15 min before they opened so we sat and rocked. Got in and had dinner. Nothing fancy, but good. One thing we noticed that had changed from April, instead of having a big pot (like 12 or 16 qts) of chili, they only had maybe a 6 qt pot on the buffet. That emptied real fast. Next time up there were 2 pots of chili sitting there. The dessert part had cookies, but I was surprised how bland they tasted. Not sure what we did after dinner. Pretty sure we didn’t go back into MK. Maybe we walked thru Epcot, but I don’t remember. End of day 4

Day 5

Breakfast, then head over to AK. We did the trek for safari fast passes, then stepped quickly to get to the 10 show of Nemo. Just got there, show was half empty. Good show. Again timing gets fuzzy.:confused: I know we saw Lion King, Pocahontas, did safari twice. Actually we had three sets of fast passes for safari, the timing was that close. But we gave the middle set away. We left about 3 and went back to the room. About 6 or so we went to Epcot, got a snack at mexico and one at china. The idea was to do the extra magic hours, but it seems very busy, so we ditched that idea. I’m not sure if we even stayed for fireworks. Day 5 is done. Notice how each day’s report is getting shorter and shorter???

Day 6

We had ADR for Cape May for breakfast, but we cancelled it the day before. We hung around the hotel. I did laundry. Took three hours, cause I was waiting for a machine. When I first when down, there was a women there doing wash. One washer had clothes in it, but it was done and she didn’t know who it belonged to. I didn’t want to take them out, so I waited about 15-20 mins. No one showed up, so I got a few plastic bags from housekeeping and took the laundry out. :ph34r: I felt creepy like I was breaking into someone’s room. But by the time that person finally showed up, I was glad I did it. Another hour must have gone by. So they put their clothes into a dryer and leaves. Sure enough, the clothes get done and no one is there. I wasn’t ready for a dryer yet, but the first woman was. She decided to wait a few more mins and by then the people did show up for the
laundry. So a few hours later, I’m done with the clothes, DH has been resting/reading all this time. I get back to the room and he was ready to go for a dip in the pool. Again he swims 15 mins and he’s done.

By this time, it’s 2 ish, I get ready for our 3:10 lunch ADR at germany. We get there just in time. Wait maybe 5 min. We are seated with a local family. They used to live in NJ. The father got tired of the cold weather and asked to be moved to Orlando thru his work (olive garden). So we talked just enough to be polite, but no real talk going on. We enjoyed the meal. And it was a great time for a meal. The place was almost empty, so you weren’t bumping into other people’s chairs and dancing around the buffets trying to get food. Again fuzzy time……I think we stayed for fireworks. Day 6 is over.


Day 7

We walked to DHS again, repeat of day 3. I won. We really did do pretty much the same thing. We left about 2 to rest up for dinner and late night at MK. That night we had a 5:45 ADR at Cape May for Dinner. We waited about 20 min to be seated. DH having never eaten there was a bit grumpy cause it looked very chaotic with lines going every which way. So when we were seated I used my crayons and wrote him a note, “don’t be grumpy”. The server came by and read it, then said, “I guess she told you”. So onto the food, it a bit much with the lines. Not that they were very long, but the carving meat was right next to the desserts and it was tough to get around to what you wanted. I did meat, potatoes, that sort of stuff. DH did most sea food. He enjoyed it, we both did. When we got our bill, I gave the server our room charge and DDE card. So he comes back with the 27 slips of paper. I don’t see where the tip was added, like it’s suppose to be. So I asked him. He said the cashier must have forgotten to hit the right button, so we could just leave whatever. So of course instead of leaving the mandatory 18%, we left 20.

We left about 7:30 and DH isn’t sure about MK. He may have over did it with dinner, so I go to the park by myself. But after 20 min, he decides to join me. I get there just in time for wishes ( thank goodness I didn’t need to go thru bag check). He came just after the end of wishes. Again the night EMH seemed crowded so we only stayed for an hour or so. By the way, there was a long line for the WED way, I think because of the card checking. We had gotten a fast pass for Buzz (I won) but I just had the passes out. The CM asked for the room key, and I took mine out, but I never ever turned it over. All she saw was the back of it. So anyway, we leave and get home about 10 or so. Day 7 done.

Day 8

We went to AK. Didn’t get there until 10 or so. Did the same rides and shows, saw a few animals and left about 2. Headed over to the Polynesian. We had been hoping for another meal at Ohana. Although I had called at least 6 times over the last few days, nothing was open, so we thought we would try for a walk up. So we get there about 3 and no one is at the desk, so we sit and look out the window. It looked like rain, and then it did. It poured and poured and poured. So we were glad we were inside. So when someone did show up at the podium, I asked if they were taking walkups. I was told they would, especially in the first hour, but we might have to wait 45 mins. They weren’t quite ready to check people in, so come back in 15 min or so. And it rained and rained and rained, 15 mins later, I slowly walked by the podium (didn’t want it to seem like I was rushing them) and the women said “I’m ready”. I didn’t even look at her yet. So we give our name and got a pager. 15 mins later, we were in. We had a table right by a window. We were joking if we could stretch the meal for 5 hours for fireworks. So we are eating the chicken wings and such, and someone comes by with the meats. I said we weren’t ready for them. Of course, that meant someone put a sign on our table “don’t ever give any meats”. When we were ready, no one came. Oh by the way, it was still raining. We did get the rest of our meal and it really wasn’t that long of a wait, but it just seemed like it. Near the end of the meal, the server comes to refill our soda, but I said motioned no, he said “why are you driving”. :laugh: I was going to finish what I had and then get coffee. So we enjoyed it and waddled out of there. I’m guessing about 6 ish. Now the first plan (before the rain), was to eat at Ohana’s, then walk thru Epcot hitting a few rides on our way home. But with the rain, we weren’t so sure. So we decided to forget it. We took the monorail to MK, caught the bus to BWV and of course, the rain stopped by the time we got to the hotel. But we went to our room anyway. Day ……what day is this….even I’m getting lost……oh yes, Day 8 is done.


Day 9

Another early day at Epcot, repeat the morning of day 2, then we moved onto the countries. We had had an ADR for Le Cellier but cancelled it the day before. The CM tried to talk me out of it. So we just had CS that day and watch several shows of the British invasion. Plus other world showcase stuff. We left Epcot about 8. We are almost out of days….:crying:

Day 10

MK, bright and early. Stayed the entire day. This was THE only day, we stayed from opening to closing. I told my DH I wish we had done this more. He told me , he thought we were going back so I could rest!!! :huh: Ahhhh I don’t think so. So anyway, we enjoyed the day, saw wishes from the beginning of main st. and then ran, jogged, ok, we sort of walked quickly to the monorail. Got to Epcot with just a few mins to spare before the fireworks. Saw the fireworks and sat and watch the 10 million people go by before we tried to fight our way upstream to the international gateway. We then took our time getting home. It was a good day but tomorrow we go home.

Day 11

Going home. Stayed in the room until 10ish. We hadn’t done any packing the night before so everything was done that morning. We went over to Epcot for a few hours. Hit a few rides and then headed out. We stopped and shared a sandwich and then sat on the patio at the boardwalk for an hour or so. We got onto our ME bus and made it to the airport. Then we waited and waited. Phila was doing some repair work on the runways, so our flight was delayed by 1 ½ hours. So we sat and read and ate those roast beef sandwiches I mentioned before. We got to phila about 10:30, got our luggage and was home about midnight.

But wait, don’t go away yet……this TR isn’t over……I have a few memories that I don’t know which day they happened so they are ending up here.

First of all, no dream passes, no over night castle stays, no nothing. I was sooooo disappointed. It seemed like every person had a dream pass but us. OK who feels sorry for me, raise your hand……ummm people I don’t see any hands raised. :laugh::laugh:

But we did get something free……we had stopped to get two ice cream CONES. The CM prints out CONES and then fills a CUP. We said we wanted cones, so she looks left and right and then slides us the cup and then gets the cones we ordered. The only thing is by the time we finished the cones, the cup of ice cream was half melted, but it was free.

One night we were going to watch the fire works from the bridge near France, but we had time so we sat on a bench by Canada. About 8:30 a group of three people come up and asked if we were saving the rest of the bench for anyone. I answered nope, just for you. So the mother (who must have been about 80) goes to sit down near the end of the bench. But she misses it and ends up on the ground (don’t worry it turns out OK). She was trying to make sure there was room for everyone. So of course when this happens, her DD and DSIL jumps, my DH and I jumped and we are around her trying to help. She wants to get her bearings before she tries to get up. So while dealing with this, the bench is now empty except for our cup of soda. Some man (who soon will feel 2 inches tall) stops by, picks up the soda and says “are you drinking this, or are you using it to save the whole bench”. I stand up and say, no we are trying to help this woman off the ground. The man replies “oh , I didn’t see her” puts down the soda and disappears into the night.
So we do get the women up. She seems ok. She has a bump on the back of her head, her SIL gets some ice from a coffee stand, and a CM on a segway comes by and finds out whats what. He goes off to get a real ice pack but it seemed like it took forever. The woman seemed fine, we talked about the “old” days of fels napther (sp) and cloth diapers. So after 20 mins or so we say our good byes and go to watch the fireworks.

Food….to dining plan or not……we did not and were glad we didn’t. For the whole time at Disney we spent 540. That doesn’t includes tips for people other than meals. But that does include 3 large bottles of soda, 3 big cartons of OJ, 2 dozen eggs, a package of cookies , three package of mole skin and a pack of Sudafed. I’m guessing that was about 50 dollars for those things. Plus we spent about 25 dollars for gifts. So for food only we spent 465 for the 11 days. We ate at 5 TS meals and 12 CS. We mostly shared the CS. Plus we got about a dozen snacks . With eating breakfast in our room every day, there were some days we would have that, then a snack, then an early dinner. With the meal plan we would have had more food than we wanted. We ate what we wanted, we weren’t trying to stay under a certain amount. But this worked well for us.

Rides – After going to Disney for 25 yrs, I finally went on runaway railroad. I didn’t like it. So of course I went on it again. Only for my DH, I did both splash mountain and runaway railroad. I didn’t do space mountain cause I can’t hold on to him and duck my head. I do have my limits. In general, we thought the wait for rides were pretty good or we would do a fast pass that came up in an hour or so. Except for toy story, none of the rides were like get the pass at 10 and come back at 7 pm.

Bus rides- I don’t remember any awful waiting times, but it wasn’t like a bus showed up the moment we got there either. We did have one very funny bus driver. He was asking trivia questions and saying things like “ that’s a good answer, it’s wrong, but it’s a good answer” Well, as we were driving home, on the left he sees someone pulled over by the police. And he said” I bet he’s not having a good time at Disney”. As we turn the corner, we see another car pulled over and he says pretty much the same thing and adds everybody say hello to our fine Orlando police and the entire bus cheers as we go by. It was so funny, like we planned it. It was one of those bus trips that went by too fast and those don’t happen often.

So I hope you enjoyed our year of Disney. Our annual passes ran out the next day, so our next trip won’t be for about 14 months. I think 4 trips in one yr was finally enough for me. This was the first trip I didn’t cry leaving Disney.

Oh by the way, did I tell you every time we were in Buzz or Toy story…….everybody together……I WON !!!

Thank you.


Great report! Thanks for sharing. :happy:


You won! heheh

great report, jo-jo. But tell me, did dixie ride Splash Mountain or is she still a chicken?


[QUOTE=Dopey;886987]You won! heheh

great report, jo-jo. But tell me, did dixie ride Splash Mountain or is she still a chicken?[/QUOTE]

As far as I know, her record still stands. What is it 21or 22 trips and no splash mountain?


where are all the people…this is at noon on monday at UK.


Does this count as a hidden mickey??


pictures of our room including the broken drawer. Thats DH testing the bed.


Thanka, thanka, Jo Jo. (your subject title drew me in. As one of the few on here that may know who Mr. Welk is - and one of the rarer few that would admit to watching him - I had to stop in and pay homage.)

Good report! Glad you enjoyed your trip.


[QUOTE=LURK;887111]Thanka, thanka, Jo Jo. (your subject title drew me in. As one of the few on here that may know who Mr. Welk is - and one of the rarer few that would admit to watching him - I had to stop in and pay homage.)

Good report! Glad you enjoyed your trip.[/QUOTE]

I ,of course, was a tiny infant with a great memory when he was on TV.:laugh::laugh: Let the bubbles begin.


:laugh:yep, me too. I was only watching to keep grandma company!:whistling


unbelievable :eek:


That absolutely counts as a hidden Mickey, how cute! Where was that?


Great Trip report! Can’t wait to see more photos!!

a-start-a-tha-a-bubble-machine! (love LW too! Used to watch w/my dad!)


I’ll give you a hint…it’s in Epcot… did you get it , huh, huh, give up??? Ok one more hint…in future world…you must have figured it out by now…No??? go here and look down


Here’s one for you New Jersey people…can’t remember the name but wasn’t there an elephant in Margate???


bunch of pretty pictures…


Where are we and why is this man so happy?

Or deranged???:blink::blink::laugh: