Toaster, anyone?


Please don’t think I am a freak but can I request a toaster at POR? If not, have any of you ever traveled with a toaster in you luggage. I really like to feed my DS before we leave the room in the morning. It keeps him somewhat busy while I get ready. Ingamba already made fun of me for asking him this question so that’s why I said, “Don’t think I am a freak”. :laugh:

Thanks! :heart:


Hmm…don’t know! This is a call-the-hotel-and-ask question.


LMAO! :laugh:
I dont think you would be allowed to take a toaster on the plane. I would call the hotel and ask or run down to the food court and use theirs.


I don’t see why you wouldn’t be able to pack one on the plane, in your suitcase, but I would expect it would have to be searched by FAA security, so don’t bother locking your luggage. I don’t think the hotels would have one available for anyone’s room for two reasons: 1. fire hazard, 2. could you imagine how many toasters they would have to keep around for people who ask???

I say, just use the food court.



Try COLD PIZZA or Pop Tarts!

Who needs toasters? Not MEN!


And hey, what about cereal and milk? You already have the fridge, and cereal isn’t going to lead the FAA to your suitcase!


Don’t PACK a toaster! Then you’ll get crumbies in your suitcase!! That’s no good. Ew.


Hey sweet pea, there is a toaster in the food court, you could use that. Or you could ship a cheap toaster to the resort ahead of time. I remember reading that someone did that once.


HAHAHAHA! Real Men don’t toast thier Pop Tarts?!?!? :laugh:


I know, I know but my son loves toast! :pinch: :laugh:


Sweet Pea!!! I love it!!! :heart: YOu gave me an idea…Maybe I could run to DTD and buy a Mickey toaster and then have it shipped home!


Yes, you could certainly do that. I second the motion. All in favor? :wub:


OR you can buy a cheap $10 toaster from home, ship it to Disney and they ditch it there when it’s time to go home!

Either way, I think those ideas are the best.
I would ask the hotel though if your allowed to keep 1 in your room (just in case), you dont want to go all through that then find out it got confiscated! :laugh:


Or you could order one from that grocery store Dana was talking about earlier. All grocery stores have toasters.


Well, they ado llow them in the DVC rooms…and I could hide it under the bed. :whistling :angel:


hehehe! I tried and when I typed in “toaster” all that came up was Pilsbury Toaster Strudel. :laugh:


Please don’t think I’m a freak…but can I request a toaster for my home? :laugh: I don’t have one.


Awe, maybe you could put it on your list of stuff you want for you baby when you have your baby shower!


You must have done it wrong.:glare: :laugh:


YES! Kim can have a registry at Babies R Us and Sears!!