Today I woke up with an excited feeling


I am so ready to go . It seems as though it is never going to get here. I am tempted to go on a day trip in July. I have ask off for the 1st thru the 6th and if only I could talk my DH in to it we would go for a short Trip but I know him he will say No save your money for your trip in Sept. or some bull like that, I am just ready to go.


I am so with you we were going for a day trip that turned into two on July 5th…


Sometimes the anticipation is the best part. When you know you are going, reservations are made, ADRs are set… plans are being made. We make it a 6 month process with the kids. We watch Disney movies, home movies from past trips and we even go out to eat to places that remind us of WDW. I think if we lived closer we would be doing several little day trips too!


I’m so ready that when I got an e-mail at work from Disney telling me I have only 2 months to go before we get there, I squealed out loud, not realizing I was at work. My fellow employees just rolled their eyes when I told them what I got!

I told DH that this once a year is not going to cut it. We need to start looking into the possibility of twice a year, or I will go MAD!!!


I was just saying to the girls . . . I NEED (not want) to go to Disney!! :laugh:

I started working on our trips for the fall and winter . . . next year I’ll be upgraded to the year round pass . . . can’t wait! :laugh: