Today is the day!


My workday ends at 4:30 and then we are off woohoo!!! Praying my daughters dr appt goes well this am and that cast comes off, but if not Im sure it wont slow her down, it hasnt yet:pirate:. Based on allears I think were going to hit MK first on Friday, as they said Saturday is the worst for crowds. Then Ak on Saturday with a dash to Epcot for light show. Sunday HS and followed by evening show at MK. Monday is breakfast at Akershus then Epcot and any park that she wants to hit again. That is the plan we will see how well it stays intact:mickey: So excited!!!


Have a great time!!! I hope your daughter’s appointment goes well, but either way, you are going to have fun!!!


HAVE FUN!!! You’re going to love it!


Hope you have a magical trip and that your daughters cast comes off today!


Perhaps if you spoke with the doctor; in light of the vacation, he would opt for a splint and wrap vs. the cast.


The cast is off, hallelujah!!! One less thing to worry about, now just a few more hours and we’ll be transported into the magical world of Disney:mickey:


HAVE A MAGICAL TIME!!!:goofybounce::goofybounce::simba::simba:


Have a wonderful time- hope the docs goes well for you but if not you’ll still have the best time.


Yeah! No Cast! one less “issue” to deal with. Have a wonderful time making memories for your DD!


Great way to start your vacation with no cast for DD!!! Have a GREAT trip and be sure to take lots of pictures and notes for an in depth TR when you return!


I hope your workday passes quickly and your daughter’s appt goes well so she can be cast free (and thus cooler in the Florida heat)! Have a great trip and we’ll be waiting patiently for your trip report.


I can’t think of a better way to celebrate getting her cast off:)


I absolutely missed your post that the cast came off! Hip hip hooray! Great start to the trip!


Have a great trip! I’m so glad to hear that your DD’s cast came off-what a relief for mom! :happy:


Have a GREAT trip!! We’ll be here hoping for a trip report when you get back:happy::happy: