Today is the day!


In less than a half hour we will be leaving for our trip to Disney. I know I am forgetting something I always do. Will post a trip report after we get back. 24 hours of MK here we come.


Don’t forget to have a good time.


Have a great trip.

Yes, we would like an hourly update of all 24 hrs at MK please. 6:02 AM Entered MK…5:58 AM crawled out of MK . You can filled it the rest later.


We just got back home from a 14 hour drive back from WDW. I am still trying to wake up I will get a trip report typed out as soon as I can get a little more rest. I will say this that in the first 3 hours We got 12 rides in with the longest wait time being about 10 minutes.


Last Dec, the hours were posted for 9 AM opening, then about 2 weeks ahead, the opening was changed to 8 AM. On EMH, it was 7 AM. It was an amazing morning because I think a number of people didn’t realize the hours had changed.