Today was a good day!


Not only good luck with the luggage tags, but I am honored to have gotten a post card from our Dana!! Mickey and Minnie in front of the castle and Dana saying that M&M can’t wait for my family to get there! What a bunch of good folks we have here on DC huh? :happy: :happy: :happy:


Thats is very cool news… Did Dana ask about whether anyone was getting out of hand during her absence??? :wink:


She doesn’t have to ask…I am sure she KNOWS!


Awww…Dana is so cool! :happy:


Yup, I agree!!! Today is a GREAT day!!!

My DD got a postcard from Dana’s daughter, wishing her a Happy Halloween from WDW!!! And what perfect timing, it arrived on Halloween!!!

Thanks Dana and Sara!!! I hope you are having a great time!


How sweet! She is so thoughtful.


Awww, I got a postcard too, apparantly Dana talked to Mickey and he said I need to come back soon!!! hehe. you don’t have to convince me!!! It was so nice of her to think of us, I LOVE DC… what nice people here!!!


I got one too!!! What a nice surprise!!! :wub: Thanks Dana!!! :wub:


All I got was a lump of coal. :crying: :wink:


You must have been very naughty then :wink:


Because I thought if I was, she would send me two cards. :wink:


Oh my gosh! I got one too! I was so excited, I was like “bill,bill, bill…POST CARD!!!” Thanks Dana!


Yay! I got a postcard too and it also came at a perfect time. After my Disney presentation (the interview is scheduled for tomorrow), I checked the mail and there was a postcard from Dana sending greetings from Walt Disney World. :happy: Thanks Dana!!! You are so thoughtful! It made my Disney day even better.


It sounds like lots of you had magical days because of Dana. I love the kindness of this site.


Dana must have been talking to Pooh too. My GD got a card saying her trip was only a few weeks ago and he was looking forward to seeing her.


Mickey also told Dana to tell me to “hi” and “come back soon”!! :mickey:

How sweet – hope Dana and DD are having a great time!! So nice of them to think of all of us!