Toddler Specific Packing List


I know we’ve all seen Dana’s super packing list, but does anyone have one that is toddler specific? I obviously know all of the basics for traveling with her, but we’ve never been to WDW with a two year old! What should I leave at home, not forget to bring, etc…


It’s been a long time since I’ve had to worry about packing for a 2 yr old. But here’s a thought from traveling with DGDs.

Last yr the kidcot locations in Epcot only had permanent marks for the kids to use. I always carried a few crayons so my 18 month DGD could do the projects too. She like being in with the big kids.


Juice and straws. It is VERY hard to find juice in the parks so we always have some in our bag OR the kool aid packs you can just pour into the water and shake. Straws are HUGE for us as DS (4) is still terrible about spilling with out a straw so we pack some.


Oh yes, bendy straws…forgot about those.


whatever they need to sleep… stuffed animal, pillow, blanket, etc
sunscreen/ hat
snacks for waiting in line
glow sticks for scary rides ( can buy them at michael’s or home depot)- great for pirates or for at night when those glow things come out before the parades…


Thanks, great tips!!


I agree with the juice when we went down there a couple weeks ago. We had to go place to place to find juice. We ended up finding one in one of the shops. My advice if you don’t bring juice with you pick one up when you see it.


Earplugs; my daughter is very sensitive to loud noises so having a set of earplugs helped when music got too loud.


Sippy Cup
Change of clothes
Wipes (helpful with many messes)
Blanket or Stuffed Animal (helpful to have something when the youngster is grouchy)
Camera (though she may not want to have pictures with characters)