Toddler through Security


Ty is going to be 4 when we go to WDW. My question is…

When we check in for our flight, do we need a birth certificate or anything as “ID” for Ty?

I’m sorry for the stupid question but I checked the Airtran website and I can’t find the answer.




I’ve always traveled with my three children and have never had to have any kind of ID for them when they fly. They usually just ask the child’s age when they check the boarding passes at the gate, but that’s about all.


You should be fine. I think they need passports for international travel, but it should be fine for travel within the US. We flew Southwest last year and didn’t have any issues.


You don’t need anything for him at all. You can bring it just to be safe, but it’s not necessary. My DD (14 years old) takes nothing…never has.


Id take a birth certificate just to be safe… Rather be safe and not need it than sorry.


I know you said toddlers, but for when they get older, I’ve had my boys bring their school ID’s. Not sure if it helps, but its kind of cute seeing them so “official” when flashing their ID. Makes them feel all grown up.


No id necessary, but sometimes they have asked my kids their names and if we were their parents!


We have never had to show any form of ID for our children. They are asked to hold their own ticket. Then the security personnel called them by their name. They just respond with a “yes” and that is that.


Last time a took Southwest and I didn’t have any ID for my kids, they asked for it. The person at security told me that at times it is required. When I asked why? He said that “sometimes they need to make sure that children aren’t get on the plane with someone they shouldn’t be” - All I could think of was a kidnap situation - So, I will travel with it for now on - Hey if my kid was missing I would want my local airports to require it - Maybe they should all the time just to be on the safe side.


No one has ever asked for ID. They do often ask my son what his name is.

Which did concern me, as there was a time when he would insist to everyone that his name is “Baby Kitty Cat”.


The TSA site states, and all airlines follow the same practice as well, that ID for those under 16 is not needed. I would not risk loosing such piece of ID as a birth certificate for something as unneeded. It would only be needed if the child is under two and you are not paying for a seat. They do check that sometimes and I have seen people without them charged. The cost is refunded if you fax the proper documentation later. ID’s for those under 16 just hold up the lines which is a pet peeve of mine.


They have asked my kids how old they are, that’s it. As long as they are under 16 they likely wouldn’t have ID anyway. You only need proof when going out of the country.


We always fly with SWA and have never been asked for ID for my son. He has nothing other than his birth cert. but I don’t take that with us so we would be out of luck. Their website doesn’t state children need ID so I don’t think they could require it.



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Our DD started traveling to WDW since she was 1.5 and has never had a problem getting through security. I read on SWA site that if you buy a child fare, you have to provide ID to show they are the age you state, but otherwise no ID is needed. I do go ahead and carry her birth certificate with us with our travel documents just in case it’s needed, but I have never had to use it.


I didn’t think so but I wanted to be sure, thanks everyone!



My Ty and I flew last year, just before he turned 4, and they asked his name. I do have a birth certificate card that I always carry for him, but it’s never been asked for. He likes to hand his ticket to them himself and that’s when they ask his name.


Whats a Birth Certificate Card?



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DT, I have photocopies of my boys’ birth certificates, just in case now. I can not remember where I read it, but it was suggested on some site, to carry a copy of their birth certificates.