Toddler Tips, and Hello!


Hey Buzzers! Its been forever since I checked in on you all! Life is crazy and busy. Hope everyone here is doing well! :heart:

Exciting news: I am taking the boys on their first Disney trip in August! We will be staying with friends for two weeks. We will probably do 4-5 days at WDW depending on how many free passes I can get my hands on!

I have spent TONS of time in WDW but never with toddlers, So any tips anyone has would be great! I will have my own double stroller with me and we will not have any sort of DDP. The boys will be 19 months when we arrive!

Any attractions you would recommend OR skip?
Time of day you recommend hitting certain areas?
Specific food locations with toddler friendly cuisine?

I would appreciate any advice you have! Also, if anyone could direct me to a thread about baby swap I would appreciate it-- I can’t seem to find it but I know there has to be one here somewhere.


Remember that there are baby care centers in each park if you need a quiet place to change a diaper. Take it easy, and have plenty of snacks/drinks for them… Go at their pace, but they can see a ton… Have fun!


my suggestion on a ride to skip:
Snow White’s Scary Adventure…it totally scared my daughter to tears when she was 3yrs. old.


At that age you need the go with the flow attitude! I know my daughter loved all the entertainment. The shows, parades and characters. She liked rides, but the simple ones. MK is the park for toddlers for sure. ENJOY and have a magical trip.

PS. Don’t forget the sunscreen! :mickey:


Rule #1: When they get tired, leave the park, go back for a nap/swim and try again later.
Rule #2: DO NOT deviate from Rule #1 if at all possible. We paid dearly for not following our own rules on a short hit everything in 3 days trip.

I see you are staying off site so you might have to come up with some ideas to escape and let the kiddies rest. Perfect time for people watching in a shady spot. A stroller is key. Have fun and take lots of pics.


All above is great advice, but just a few added tidbits… The baby care centers are most always at the entrance of the park. Not very handy when all the way in the back, but all bathrooms are changing equipt!

Underneath Splash mountain there is a kiddie spot, a small playground and it is for little children only, you may need to let the babies run, but be able to get off your feet, try that area. It is shaded and they will love it!

When we took my son last October he was about your sons age, teh biggest thing for me was keeping him hydrated! Make sure you have plenty of liquids so they stay hydrated!


Maybe try and do a meal at CP.


Oh my gosh! I have so many tips to give you that I barely no where to start! I have been to Disney TONS of times. And ALWAYS with toddlers! And MULTIPLE ones! I have 5 nieces and nephews all under 5. Haha. So I have the bases covered pretty well! And I’m VERY good at judging 2 year olds… I guess we relate! :laugh:

Ofcourse, all this info may not be suitable for your family or your kids, but here’s the best advice I can offer!

First things first, we are all day trekkers! We don’t leave the parks to go home and swim or nap, so I’m not too helpful on that. But we also don’t arrive at the parks til around 1pm and we stay all day. This cuts down on the really hot part of the day. The kids in my family are just really good with hanging in there all day and we usually don’t have any meltdowns, they just take naps in there strollers if they want to and we take them in places to cool down often, which is also important! Keep those kiddos cool and hydrated! (that will certainly cut down on any crankiness!)

Somethings to remember: (the code to live by with toddlers at WDW!)
AND LET THEM GET OUT AND RUN AROUND EVERY NOW AND THEN. (or the crankiness WILL find you! :laugh:)

My advice on when to do things would be, just do the important things first, the things the kids want to do or you want to show the kids the most. This way everything else isn’t rushed, you can just relax and finish the day. Also, for parades, get there early! 2 year olds will get bored at the parades if they can’t see well!!

:mickey:Best advice I can give for kids of that age is to just go with the flow and travel at their pace. Don’t worry about cramming things in! The greatest thing about that age is that they find the greatest pleasures in the simplest things, as I’m sure you have figured out!. Take the time and enjoy the small moments. Take in shows and parades and plenty of character meet and greets! It will make for tons of precious moments and many happy memories!:mickey:

We also go to Disney in August, so let me tell you, it’ll be hot and it’ll rain. So just be prepared with the kids.

Great places to wait out the rain with the kids!!
MK: It’s A Small World (pretty long, interesting and soothing for kids), Pinocchio’s Village Haus (this is usually pretty empty so it’s a great place to let the kids get out of the stroller and enjoy themselves while it rains without worrying about them bothering other people. The Columbia Harbour House is also another great place for this!), Phillharmagic (some kids that age are scared for this though because of the loud noises and the 4D effects i.e. water spraying them lightly)
HS: Playhouse Disney, Pizza Planet (tons of entertainment!),
AK: Donald’s Restaurantsarous, It’s Tough To Be A Bug (could be scary, depending on how your children are.)
EPCOT: Innoventions, Spaceship Earth, etc.

ATTRACTIONS: To do or skip!
DO: Peter Pan’s Flight, Its a Small World, Haunted Mansion (some kids CAN find this scary, but for the most part ours are fine as long as they are with their moms!), BOYS LOVE BUZZ RANGER SPIN! Tea Cups, Indy Speedway, TTA, Laugh Floor, Dumbo/Aladdin, Carousel, POTC (sudden drop and darkness can scare skiddish kiddos!), Phillarmagic (either a hit or miss, really depends on your kids, most love it though some hate it!) TOON TOWN!
SKIP Snow White (WILL scare your child!! :laugh:), Winnie the Pooh has bumpy parts and darkness, that some of my nieces and nephews still hate. Also, obviously anything they aren’t old enough for.

NEAT NOTE: If you go in Tink’s Treasures in Fantasyland the kids can ring a bell and call Tink and they can see her in the window! (Do this if you still can, I know they are changing Tinks Treasures, so I’m not sure if it’ll stay!)

The Tomorrowland Transit Authority is GREAT for taking the kids on to encourage them to take a nap. A lot of times there’s really no line so they’ll let you just keep going through without getting off and then back on. Also, it usually provides a nice breeze!

                        [B]DO:[/B] Playhouse Disney, Pizza Planet, Mummpets 3D, Pixar Place. Toy Story Mania, it's a long wait, get there early and get a fastpass! GAMRide (although it has some scary parts. And if your little ones don't like long rides, then I'd say this is a skip! But it can be really neat for them too!) Honey I shrunk the kids playground (which I believe is now the Tough to Be A Bug playground?) But thats obviously a great adventure of kiddos!)
                        [B]SKIP:[/B] Voyage of the Little Mermaid (scared all my nieces and nephews until they reached about 3 1/2 or 4.), Lights Motor Action (kids that young tend to get bored and hot sitting through this! Which equals cranky...) 

                   In EPCOT there's really not much the kids can't or shouldn't do, except the things they aren't old enough for. Definitely check out all the Kidcot activites along the countries! Kids love the activities in Innoventions, and it's a great way to trick the kids into cooling off! Kids like to taste the sodas at the Coca Cola Cool Club too! 

Also there’s lots of cool things to look for with the kids inside the countries (i.e. Ratatouille hiding in the perfume store in France!)

Universe of Energy with 2 years olds… just don’t! Although, for some of my nieces it puts them to sleep. (great nap ride for them!) But my nephews get bored and scared. It’s 45 mins of sheer terror for them!

             [B]*ANIMAL KINGDOM:[/B]
                          The kids in my family love the safari and the Camp Minnie Mickey (lots of character meet and greet ops!) Also they love the playground by the McDonalds. Finding Nemo the musical, it's about 20 mins so it's not too long and the kids really enjoying seeing all their ocean friends!

Ofcourse, parades are also fun! They are always a hit in my family! The kids get so excited!

Places that are good for eating:
Any tray service has chicken tenders and cheeseburgers, which is standard and most children will eat. If you have picky eaters buffets are great because there’s tons to choose from! The Crystal Palace is a great buffet, especially the breakfast! And Chef Mickeys is a most do for us too. Casey’s Corner for is great for a hotdog and french fries! Boys usually like this.

The best advice I can give, especially for going in August is bring a familiar snack food (goldfish, pretzels, snack bars, etc) Something they enjoy that they can snack on throughout the day because alot of the time, it’s gonna be so hot the kids aren’t going to want to eat a whole big meal, so having things like that are great to give to them throughout the day and throughout the park just to keep them full and happy, and thats really a great thing to do!

Also, if you are looking to get out of the parks for a little while or the kids need a nap but don’t want to go to the hotel or if you are staying off grounds and don’t want to travel all the way back to where you are staying, a great thing kids love is the MONORAIL!!!

I hope this was helpful, I sure know it’s long! I have tons of other tips and such, but I figured this was long enough… haha. If you have any other questions or anything like that I’d love to help out!! :blush:


When my DGD was about that age she loved to color, I would take her to the tot spots in Epcot(don’t know what they are really called). BUT, and I don’t know if this is still valid, they only had permanent markers !!! Who gives a small child permanent markers??? So I carry a few crayons with me. She never knew the difference, she was just happy sitting with kids coloring.


Fantasy land at rope drop will be the shortest lines you will see all day.


[QUOTE=StaceyDarling!;1040224]Somethings to remember: (the code to live by with toddlers at WDW!)
AND LET THEM GET OUT AND RUN AROUND EVERY NOW AND THEN. (or the crankiness WILL find you! :laugh:)


Stacey’s advise is dead on. This is why DW takes me to WS at EP. To let me get liquids, snacks, and run around so the ‘crankies’ go away.:laugh::laugh:


Each of my 4 dk’s visited within their first 2 years and at times we has 2 in strollers and I agree with all of the ideas written in this thread. Just take your time, they will just enjoy the sites and lights the most. Definitely use the Baby Care Centers, let them out and play and run around as much as possible, do have water fans, buy one meal for the 2 of them(the portions are huge) and have all their fav snacks readily available to eat. Another thing my four enjoyed alot were the park guide maps, just looking at them, chewing on them etc. :laugh:


Free snacks. Never thought of that.:laugh:


Our oldest was 18 months when we took her the first time. She did great. We went at her pace and made time for a midday nap, which we all benefited from. The best things for us was ice. She loved to lick and play with ice. We would ask any vendor for a cup of ice, which we were always given for free. We would dump some into her stroller tray and it kept her cool and happy all day. It made for a stress free trip.


Also, on Wednesdays, if you are staying at a Disney hotel, and if you have a child under 3 you can be granted 1 hour early admittance to the Fantsyland to ride the kids rides before the lines get insane. I read that in my vacation planning book about 2 years ago. Never tried it out! But it seems awesome :slight_smile:


Wow, I wish I had known that. My youngest in now 4:sad:


Wow. Great tips everyone! Thanks so much! I’m making lists!


Wow, I never heard of that. A few years ago they had something special for the preschool crowd in sept, but I think that only lasted one year. Guess it didn’t draw in enough people.


Yeah, thats basically what this is. It’s only open for August (the low season!) I read it in my Fromer’s WDW 2009 book! I’m not sure if it ended or not. I’ll have to look into it! Considering I didn’t read the 2010 edition I don’t know if it’s still in there.