Toddlers at the parks


My nephew is one year old so he does not meet the height requirments for about everything. So, what attractions will he be allowed on?


Everything in fantasyland, the Cars, the TTA, buzz lightyear, pirates of the carribean, aladdin, tiki room, haunted mansion, country bear jamboree, etc,

Anything that is not fast he can ride… There are no height requirements for the rides in fantasyland… they are meant for little kids. I tok a 9 month old and we rode everything on our first trip…


OK great! Thank you!


Don’t forget Peter Pan, It’s a Small World, Winnie the Pooh, Snow White, even the Carousel because remember, the large horses are designed so that a small child can sit in front of an adult and there’s a child strap. Just put him in front of an adult and put the strap around him. That way he’s held on by the strap and the adult sitting behind.


We took our six month old on It’s a small world, peter pan, winnie the pooh, he loved them all. He even fell asleep on peter pan!


Also Jungle Cruise, the Walt Disney Railroad and Tom Sawyer Island – the flaoting bridge on TSI should be good for lots of laughs.


kat rode buzz at 8 months and the tea cups (didn’t like them too much though)
you’d be surprised at how many rides you can take a 1 yr old on!