Tokyo Dining - Lunch vs. Dinner


We’re thinking about adding a lunch at Tokyo Dining…

Is there any difference between lunch and dinner? I’m assuming there isn’t, and only has one menu listed and much of the food is ala carte. On the other hand, the Unofficial Guide lists seperate times for lunch and dinner service.

Also, just to clarify, they do take ADR’s don’t they? The Unofficial Guide says “Reservations: Not accepted”, the Passporter simply doesn’t say, but does list it. :blink:




Yes, they do take reservations - but they aren’t on the dining plan. We were there for dinner last month - the food was very good. I’m not the greatest fan of sushi, but my dd loved it. I had a tempura plate that was delicious.


Thanks llama!

Anyone know anything about any differences between lunch & dinner?



Not sure about lunch but wee had dinner there before and it was great.


They were on the dining plan last October, as was Teppan Edo.
as a matter of fact, I just checked the dining plan brochure for 2009 and it includes TD and TE.


Tokyo Dining has one menu all day from open to close so there is no difference.
Considering it’s mainly sushi with tempura, I don’t see anything that could be different between dinner and lunch.

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As for reservations, I’ve not eaten there without reservations and have two more right now. One for next month and one for June.