Tokyo Dining


Has anyone tried Tokyo Dining in Epcot? On Deb’s Unofficial Walt Disney World Vacation Information Guide - WDW Planning Guide - Walt Disney World, it states that it is “Now Open” as if it is new or maybe recently refurbished.

I’d like your opinions.


Not since the refurb, but we ate there pretty often on past trips. DH is a huge sushi freak…


We ate in Japan last month. The renos are finished and now there are only two restaurants in the building. One part is the traditional Teppanaki dining, but the rooms are smaller and more intimate for dining. The other part has been turned into a sushi and tempura restaurant. That’s where we ate. My kids are sushi fanatics and they loved it. The sushi is gorgeously served. We also had some tempura shrimp and veggies and they were wonderful - totally greaseless. Although they don’t take any kind of discounts here, the prices are really reasonable for the amount of food you get. It’s one restaurant I’d definitely go back to.


Perfect! I’m excited now.


Tokyo Dining is in the front of the building. We have eaten there once. I had the sushi which was good and my wife had the tempura which was perfect. I like the updated look of the restaurant. FYI: There is no sushi bar to sit at, it is all tables.