Tokyo Dining


Is Tokyo Dining a hibachi type restaurant or a Japanese Steakhouse or what? DH doesn’t like Asian food but we love hibachis since it’s basically grilled meats/seafood.


The chef comes to your table and cooks the food in front of you and the rest of the people at your table.


Oh good!! Just like a hibachi. How many people share a table? 6? 8?


I think it was 8 before the remodel.


I thought the hibachi place was Tempen Edo? (if it’s not I’m in alot of trouble since we have an ADR then soon!)


It is. Tokyo dining is the other returant in the building and is just a sit down.


Sorry about that, I thought they both changed their name after the rehab.


Tokyo Dining is all about sushi and tempura. We ate there in March, and everyone in my family loved it. If you have someone who is not into sushi, the tempura is really good.



Teppan Edo is the hibachi place and it is the best I have ever had! The food just seemed extra fresh - the shrimp and the steak, as well as the veggies. We were very impressed, though we go to a hibachi locally, this was above and beyond normal hibachi. I highly recommend. Havent tried Tokyo Dining, but we prefer hibachi to sushi and tempura.


Tokyo Dining is one of the nicest dining experiences at Epcot. It is sushi and tempura. The restaurant is beautiful, the staff is so charming, the warm towels at the beginning of the meal are lovely. My dh and dds are sushi fanatics - me not so much, so I order the tempura. It’s the best tempura I’ve ever had - totally greaseless and light. It’s fast becoming one of our favourites. (If you can get a window seat it’s even nicer).


Ok, I don’t know what Tempura is…help?


It is the puffy batter that goes around whatever, shrimp, chicken…similar to that in a sweet and sour pork meal? that’s my description anyway, not technical…LOL


Lightly fried. :wink:

Teppan Edo is the Hibachi place and it’s a GREAT meal!!! I haven’t been to Tokyo Dining yet, but I hear nothing but rave reviews. I don’t really do sushi, but I do some rolls so I might try it. And I LOVE Tempura! :biggrin:


Alright, plans have been changed to Teppan Edo! Thanks so much! I’m glad I asked! DH wouldn’t have liked Tokyo Dining. :happy:


We are eating in Tokyo to! It’s hibachi style and can’t wait. I’m sure you guys will love it.


I thoroughly enjoyed Tokyo Dining. And, my (then) 4-year old picky eater really loved his teriyaki chicken.


Where is this Teppan Edo located at?:angel:


Both restaurants are located upstairs from the Japanese Department Store - take that huge flight of stairs up - the top floor of the building is divided into the two restaurants - Tokyo Dining on one side and Teppan Edo on the other.


They did.
The hibachi restaurant was Teppanyaki and is now Teppan Edo.
Tokyo Dining is sushi and tempura and didn’t really exist before.
Teppan Edo has about 6 rooms, each with 4 8 seat hibachis.
(And yes, I ate at Tokyo Dining on Tuesday, so I’m very sure of this)


You can also use the elevator and miss all of the stairs.