Tokyo Dining


Has anyone been there? We have ressies for 820pm on 9/30. Was wondering if we ask to sit outside, how good of a view of Illuminations we would have!?


Tokyo Dining does not have outside seating. They do have window seats which you could request, but I am not sure how great of a view it will be for Illuminations- Maybe someone else can chime in…


The view of Illuminations is good from the outside deck and from window seats closer to the courtyard corner (right side). There are trees that block the view on the left.
Additionally, the arch in the water creates a partial obstruction, in that it partially obstructs views of the video globe and inferno barge.
Every time I’ve eaten there and have still been dining at 9 PM, I have gotten up from the table and gone outside. I’d probably do that even if I had a window seat.
I want the full effect from fireworks, not just the visual and muted sound. I need to see, feel, hear, and even smell fireworks.

And no, there is no outside seating.


good to know. Thanks guys!


We’ve been back a month and Tokyo was our LEAST favorite! We waited close to an hour after ordering to be served, even then everything was cold. I asked the server 3 times for a spoon before finally giving up and in that hour and a half we were there we were asked once if we’d like a drink refill…I’d have understood if it was busy but half the place was empty!


We’ve eaten there maybe 5 times since December 2007.
Service has been fairly quick.
I will agree about my food being cold every time though.
Oh. Wait. Sushi is supposed to be cold:laugh:
(The tempura on the other hand has always been served hot)
And every time we’ve eaten there, it has been packed.
Empty tables didn’t stay that way for long.
The dessert selection is a big letdown though.