Tokyo Rooms?


So I was playing around on the Disney website and decided to check out Tokyo Disneyland. The site is completely different than the WDW and DL sites, getting straight to the point instead of making it all “magical.” It wasn’t very informative and difficult to navigate imo…

But they had a great room section, showing all of the room styles. Disney Ambassador Hotel: Accommodations: Room Types I couldn’t help to notice that all of the beds were full. The rooms actually looked very spacious. And the oddest thing - a “triple” room with three fulls, and a “family” room with four fulls.

Now, I think full beds (same as double, right?), I think two people (which could be uncomforble). Well, their maximum occupancy was the number of beds.

So I was wondering… do they not share beds in Japan?


Oh, now I’m on Hong Kong Disneyland’s site, and check out these weather warnings - Weather Tips :blink:


I just checked out the site too, very interesting! It does sound like everyone gets their own double bed, I’d actually like that. It’s hard for our “tall” family of 4 to sleep in the little double beds at a value…but if they gave us 4 we’d absolutely love it!


The names of the warning issued really don’t make me feel safe.:noo::huh:


Clearly this is something I am going to have to do next time I have a few idle minutes. I usually plan fake trips to WDW, so hey, next stop, Tokyo! :laugh:


Bigger than double or full beds over here are very unusual. As far as Ive seen you can’t even buy a queen size bed out in town. King size and Cal King size beds will get you looked at strange. One of these days Ill hunt down my pictures of how Okinawan huts use to be set up in the 1800s. Yes people share beds but the space over here is so limited beds are smaller. Think of it this way, closer you are to your love one. My husband, daughter and me shared a double for two months when we first got over here and it was tight but doable.
Also, many families will share an apartment or hotel room. SO in one room you might have grandpa, grandma, grandpa, grandma, sister, her family, you and your family. Privacy is not really seen over here. Thats why they have the Love Motels.


yeah, hong kong being right on the coast will get hit by pretty nasty weather sometimes. typhoons are a pretty regular thing there. they’re not as bad as they sound, however, you will get wet if not prepared. im sure most of the warnings are in place just to keep general safety.