Tolls from Sanford Airport to WDW


On our July trip, we will be arriving at Sanford Airport (a first for us, usually we use MCO).

Does anybody know how much the tolls will be if we use the 417 instead of I4 (too much traffic at the time we arrive). Or should we just go down the I4?

Many thanks, I’m sure someone will know the answer.


You dont spec at what time you will be arriving?? but if you dont mind the $10 for the tools take 417. is faster than I4 in any way even at rush hr.

I dont think is that much ($10) i just use the fastpass thing on the bus so i never figured out how much it is in total.
If you indeed take the 417 exit 3 and 6 are for Disney, exit 6 if you are going to somewere close to downtown(hotel plaza area) and also believe it or not that is the same exit for magick kingdom is a lot easy than exit 3.
Exit 3 takes you strait to osceola pkw so its good for WWsports,Pop Century ,AK Ldg and the all stars and such.

Any other info let me know…
spawn51 DME 4 Life …or untill there is a charter that offers more $$ :cool: