Tom Hanks and Tim Allen will team up again for Disney' Jungle Cruise


Well, there you have it folks! It looks like this thing is actually in the works…

Toy Story Duo Reunite For Jungle Cruise - Sky Movies HD


This looks like it could be fun. I’m anxious to hear more about it. I have always really liked Tom Hanks.


I didn’t even know Jungle Cruise was being made into a movie- how exciting is that? And I love the combo of Tom Hanks and Tim Allen and I think the casting of characters is just perfect- I shall really look forward to the release.


Oh now this I gotta see. I love it already!!


Thats cool, I love Tom Hanks!


Looking forward to the ride getting a much needed makeover:simba: like they did with pirates of the Caribbean.:pirate:


While the ride does nothing for me, I will look forward to the movie with great interest. The two actors could make anything fun, but having the writer from Shrek in on the project cinches the deal. What a powerhouse combo!


THAT is going to be pretty great! Love them guys together on screen!


If they do redo the ride I hope we don’t see Tim Allen and Tom Hanks doing this ( Even though I love them both) ! Nothing more annoying when they add actors like POC and Johnny Depp. Sorry I like Johnny Depp just takes away from the ride for me.

(How do you post pictures here?)


Oh man, have they ever shared film space (besides their voices alone) before?? I’m actually pretty excited about this!

…Even more so cause I’d like to think they’re tight; I keep remembering the Golden Globes and how Hanks stood up for Allen a bit after Gervais’ crack. A good man!