Tom Hanks to star as Walt Disney


This should be a great movie!


I am so excited, I heard about this a few months ago but hadn’t heard anything since so I wasn’t sure if anything was happening!

Can’t wait!!!


I love Tom Hanks


Very exciting news!!!


Tom Hanks is my favorite actor and Mary Poppins is my wife’s favorite movie.Sounds like a match made in heaven.:heart:


I LOVE Tom Hanks. I’m sure I’ve watched Apollo 13 at least 20 times. Will be eagerly anticipating this movie.


Ah! Maybe that is why he had that mustache at the Emmys!


I HATE Tom Hanks.




Everyone’s entitled to their own opinion of course…but I gotta say that you are the first person I have ever “met” that doesn’t like Tom Hanks. Just curious why you feel that way. :slight_smile: Lois


I’m not a big fan of Tom Hanks playing Walt, but then again, I don’t think anyone could do Walt justice.