Tom Joyner over Labor Day Weekend


I made a reservaton for Labor day weekend but then found out it is the weekend of Tom Joyner’s Family Reunion…a HUGE event. There are scheduled concerts and events throughout Disney World…thus meaning LARGE CROWDS. Needless to say, not a good time to go with my 2 year old. I think we are going to try for Sept 10th or 18 weekend.


I posted a question about the Tom Joyner Weekend Back in May or April about how it effects the attendance of the parks. I was told that most of the activities, concerts are at MGM studios and that it doesn?t have a notable impact on crowds and waiting time for rides. I will be their during that time and I think it will be fine. Have a nice trip.


Tom Joyner or no Tom Joyner, the Labor Day weekend is one of the busiest of the year at WDW. If you’ve booked your reservation knowing that the Labor Day crowds will be very large, the Tom Joyner Family Reunion will make little difference.


We were there labor day weekend last year when they did this and it was fine as far as we were concerned. We were even staying at CSR, which is where I believe the people for that stay.